A Fisherman’s Tale is a nautical-themed puzzle, escape, and adventure game from Vertigo Games. If you’re looking to flex the muscles of your mind by thinking outside the box or lighthouse, then this VR game will set your imagination afloat and on to solve great mysteries.

Where and When to Get A Fisherman’s Tale

Join Bob, the wooden puppet, lighthouse attendant and fisherman on a puzzling adventure. After a stormy night, Bob’s routine gets shaken up and so does his reality. Piece together connections and play with a miniature lighthouse to solve puzzles, unlock rooms and see chapters to Bob’s life unfold.

When I previewed A Fisherman’s Tale last week I played through 3 chapters and loved every bit of it. It made me more curious to finish it and find out what other intricate escapes and fun plays with reality will be like.

Last week, the game’s publisher Vertigo Games, and their studio Innerspace revealed that VR users with PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets will get to play it in the new year on January 22, 2019!

Get a 360 Sneak Peek

If you can’t wait to find out more about A Fisherman’s Tale, you can watch Bob’s origin story on the YouTube video called “The Storm” at the link or above. The creation of the sea-worthy game and the 360-degree video was in partnership with Innerspace and ARTE France with the support of CNC, Ville de Paris New Media Fund and BPI France.

This video offers a peek into Bob’s past, why he’s so predictable, and why he began living in the lighthouse. As players become Bob, they also reveal a new and resilient Bob that that is breaking out of his comfort zone to discover and uncover new realities.

A VR Puzzle in a Puzzle

The game’s stage is created in an “infinite recursive loop” says Triple Point Newsroom. So, players have to think about how larger and smaller items interact with each other. Not to mention, how the player fits in and interacts with objects, rooms, and environment around them.

A Fisherman’s Tale is an amazing story full of surprising and playful gameplay. It explores immersive writing in virtual reality and brings an unprecedented proposition to VR gaming. ARTE is a proud collaborator on A Fisherman’s Tale together with its talented creators at Innerspace and publisher Vertigo Games,” said Gilles Freissinier, Head of Web Department at ARTE France.

If you like puzzle and escape games, A Fisherman’s Tale is a unique and fun adventure that’s going to keep you excitedly on your toes. It’s got a storyline that is endearing and relatable; really makes you root for ol’ Bob who’s also you.

The game does a great job of playing with reality and making the player a piece of the puzzle, which will taunt your mind playfully and challenge you to the point that you’ll laugh at yourself a bit (I know I did). 

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