There is no clear reason for our flights not to pass perfectly well, but it often isn’t the case. Hands up everyone who has at least once cashed it out on the oversize luggage. It is a small inconvenience as inconveniences go, but one that is perfectly solvable. easyJet is another Airline company to have come out with its own version of AR luggage checker. They call it the Cabin Bag Sizer.

After roaming around for a time, the AR developers seem to have settled for a trusted formula. Object placement and measurement is the simplest yet most effective way to help people in their day-to-day go-abouts. Cabin Bag Sizer shares a lot of similarities with AR and VR furniture slotting solutions. The app generates a 3D sizing cage for your luggage to fit inside. Cages are carefully designed to represent the official carry-on reqs to help travelers plan their trips in advance and save them the trouble of wondering and paying extra. Currently, the app runs on iOS alone.

AR luggage checker from easyJet is not the only nor the first app of its sort around. The Royal Dutch Airlines have the similar iOS app on board. But easyJet is very much a budget airline company from UK, meaning that this AR is becoming the standard. Hence the words form the company head of digital experience Daniel Young bear all the more weight. ‘We are constantly on the search’, Young addresses in a statement, ‘for ways to improve the travel experience we offer our customers when flying with us and this new technology is a perfect example of that’. He adds that the benefit of arriving to the airport and enjoying your flights stress-free is at the core of AR luggage checker. ‘Embracing this latest technology makes preparing for travel easy and fun’.    

The company charged with developing the AR luggage checker for easyJet is Travelport. It is an IT company of an impressive resume that numbers a dozen airlines around the world as its clients. Proud of their new product, the company was ‘thrilled to support easyJet push the barrier of innovation’, says the VP of Travelport Cormac Reilly. It seems that working with Travelport you get a free PR praise, particularly if your new app has been downloaded more than 30 million times as is the case with easyJet Cabin Bag Sizer. ‘It is enhancements like these which have helped easyJet stand out as leaders in digital innovation and achieve the huge milestone’, Reilly closes his statement.

It is these little things that each one separate is only convenient, but when added to a bunch of others make up for a better quality of life. AR luggage checker one such little useful convenience. Pair it with in-flight entertainment solutions that some airline companies offer, and enjoy your flight from start to finish.