As soon as Amazon registered and announced publicly its patent for mediated/augmented reality goggles designed to trace the motion of the warehouse operatives, there emerged serious privacy concerns by the star-headed business group’s warehouse workers.

In the world of patent, Amazon has inevitably coined yet another advanced technology in the field of augmented reality where the device built will be controlled by a management functional center and is easy to handle, carry, and wear. The device is said to be the virtually commanding goggles that are designed to track the movement of warehouse workers.

Imagine how coded goggles can advance the day-to-day concerns of tracing in a warehouse. The development of augmented reality goggles would ensure smooth sail of workers in the prodigious warehouses being a guiding light to the exact location. The device is made capable enough to sense instructions and visual indications even if the worker is not in motion.

Amazon further mentioned that the device is equipped with location sensors and can closely observe the movement of its employees in the warehouse. In other manifestations, the device is easy to be worn and can order visual inkling. These visual indications can pinpoint any stuff within the range of computing device’s field like if an Amazon product is placed on the 3rd shelf of a rack in the warehouse that falls in the eye-range of the goggles, the person would be pointed to that product.

US Patents and Trademark Office has announced the patent of this humongous development in public last Thursday and since then the patent is addressed with the concern.

The instructions that the device can cater might include actions vis-à-vis pick the blue box on the 2nd shelf at right and place it on the ground at the left side. The major thought process behind this design was an innovative approach towards the yet emerging gigantic technology of artificial intelligence. The configuration of goggles can be done via Bluetooth enabled radio, barcodes, image sensing applications, radio application network’s frequency identifiers, multiple telecom scanners, POS etc. This design was an idea that brimmed up to replace the hand-held scanning devices that were being used for ages. Augmented reality goggles are easier to carry in their respect.

The potent use of this artificial intelligence has landed Amazon to a threatening concern from the warehouse workers. According to reports, the workers have raised their voices stating this advancement in technology will breach their personal space regarding their individual whereabouts and is somewhat like they might be chisel down to a controlled ambiance. The workers also stated that the top management would, in other words, are trying to patrol their every single step.

Although, the spokesman from Amazon has denied the concern claiming the technology will help the workers perform their work more efficiently rather than having a spy-check on them. This would also help the workers to avoid accidents within the warehouses since these devices are well equipped with location sensors. Patent’s leads are yet on the path for convincing the workers revealing the major pros of the equipment and persuading them that the con they are reflecting is not the motive behind.