The time has now reached at a stage where those things have come into reality that we earlier use to watch in science fiction movies. Apart from fulfilling out entertainment goals these gadgets also add a pinch of comfort in our daily routine. Similarly what would be better than the glimpsing navigation of maps in a car windshield?

Apple’s previous record says that the company has spent less on Research and Development than the other big giants like Google and Microsoft. But in the past few years Apple has accelerated its R&D in a noteworthy manner. For reference if we think of Apple’s expenditure in 2013 then it will come around $4.5 billion in R&D domain. Surprisingly just after three years the figures bounced to approximately double its past expenditure around $10 billion. The most recent stats figures out the company’s R&D expenditure to $3.5 billion in June quarter alone. All this facts & figures about the company’s investment in the sector of R& D suggest that soon company might also plan to increase the investment ratio.

According to a report from the patent filed by Apple, the company is eyeing on the system working procedures. The report explains all the primary elements that are used to build augmented reality windshield systems. These elements can be internal sensors, external sensors, vehicle interfaces, augmented reality windshield and a lot more.

This was just a glimpse of how the system might look in future. As it’s obvious that Apple never gives a report on anything until unless it’s in the delivery stage. While Apple has reportedly downsized its intention of building its own autonomous car, Tim Cook last year statement suggests that Apple is still doing research on self-driving car technologies.

He also added that they are also looking at autonomous systems. The statement reads like “It’s probably one of the most difficult Artificial Intelligence projects to work on. Autonomy is something that’s incredibly exciting for us and we’ll see where it takes us”.

Apple engineers are still working on hardback and innovative ideas in the field of the autonomous system. The prime example on that would be AR car windshield that will give access to find map navigation and it may also happen to use FaceTime calls over the windshield. The important factor of the vehicle will be the construction of the windshield with the combination of sensors. The vehicle might also consist of other external sensors like #116 through which parts of the external environment’s sensor information will be presented.

The graphical display will be attainable upon the surfaces that are totally visible to the users. The external sensors may include one or more of visible light camera devices, light pillar checking, ultrasonic sensor, audio sound sensor, radar devices, depth camera devices and other similar combinations.

Currently, the agreement on the above-mentioned discussion cannot be assured. By considering all other things and issues, Apple process regular licenses a lot of advances which would never make the R&D arrangements again.