Luxury watches have always been the part of the talk in the market as their craze never ends. One of the renowned names that have been introducing great watches (smart watches) every now and then has been Apple. Apple might have launched their first Apple Watch a few years ago but they have already gained enough limelight and popularity around the world.

Apple watch is known to be one of the best selling watches because of the perfect blend of a smart computer and time stating analog figure which is appreciated by the mass. The device is used mainly as an accessory to the iPhone but it can still be extended for exclusive usage in various technological facets offered by a watch. Health and fitness coordination is just one of the small activities that are on the table that people go crazy about.

If rumors are to be believed then in the mere span of two years, Apple is reported to launch a brand new iPhone related accessory. The rumored accessory might grow as a standalone product to be used as an exclusive possession, rather than being an add-on to the iPhone features. The watch will be independently operated without the all-time connection required with the iPhone.

Purported in the reports of past few months, Apple might also launch their glasses to be called as “Apple Glasses” making debut in AR glasses (augmented reality glasses) as one of its products. The Apple Glasses are expected to hit the market by early 2020. The reports for the launch of the new product come from the well known Apple insider who has been providing accurate information and predictions about Apple products and other similar plans.

The expected launch of Apple Glasses in the year 2020 was conveyed by Ming-Chi Kuo through a note to all venture capitalists which were witnessed by MacRumors. The AR Glasses are one of the prominent products that stimulate real like the feel of UI. The glasses are a next-generation revolutionary UI product as per the analyst. These glasses are expected to launch on a big scale incorporating various features with the bar set by the brand Apple. Kuo hesitated in sharing more details about the same as the report mainly focus on Apple’s car project. Though Apple never announced their plans pertaining to the AR glasses and headsets but various sources made it look clear that the next obvious step in iPhone accessory advancement would be these glasses.

The information that seems crystal clear is that Apple is extending a lot of R&D into AR advancing forwards and Apple glasses are going to be the most basic foundation of that. Apple’s competitors already have AR and VR accessories and are even putting efforts to advance the existing headsets. Launched a few days ago, Magic Leap hit the market with the most awaited and luxurious mix of virtual reality headsets, though the reviews implied that for the company it is still a long way to go and deliver the product on its promises.

It is believed that Apple Glasses will rock at their launch but for now it is needless to say that the company blends the perfect mixture of luxury and features and has never launched anything unless they are completely ready.

Taking into account the registered patents of Apple that have been an elaboration of the AR glass technology, we can expect Apple headsets to be less bulky as the normal perfunctory headsets are supposed to be.