Grappling out of manga and onto anime, Attack on Titan is a thrilling and sometimes unnerving adventure saga that’s now on Virtual Reality (VR). The new game, VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race is a location-based experience (LBE) and attraction for arcades in Tokyo, Japan and other ventures.

Attack on Titan in VR!

Right now, the animated series is on its third season and is full of human eating titans and few special titans that break past barriers and city walls with ease. Sony Music Communications and Taito have created VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race to be just like the anime and playable with up to 4 master titan slayers (players), shares VR Focus.

Fans of the anime show and manga, and the adventurous and unsqueamish will get to wear the squad’s green cape like the actual titan slaying characters. However, just like the characters, the terror of being captured and eaten by the series mysterious Female Titan is real. I won’t spoil her identity in case you don’t know already. (How could you not know, though? Anywho.)

Tokyo Otaku Mode News says, “The focus of the game is that unforgettable episode where Levi’s squad is trying to flee from the Female Titan. Four users can play at the same time to try and escape on horseback. If you go too slowly, you are captured by the Titan, and you clear the game if you reach the goal with at least a certain number of people.”

The episode they are talking about takes place in the woods on horseback, where the squad suffers the loss of their friends and squadmates to titans. Some players might not complete the experience with their character alive but will surely emerge in awe at the game’s action, graphics, and immersion.

Race, Escape, or Get Eaten

Credit to: Sony Music Communications and Taito

The LBE is equipped with moving platforms that players sit on like horses. In front of them are controllers for maneuvering around obstacles and titan attacks. There are also fans that blow air to stand in for wind and make the game‘s escape more realistic.

Siliconera goes into further detail about the VR game describing that “It is based on the “Female Titan Capture Operation” part of the original work, where you’ll have the likes of Levi, Eren, and others on horseback, making an escape while dodging obstacles.”

There will be capes, horses, the Female Titan, obstacles, and thrills, but will there be traps, blades, firearms, and vertical maneuvering equipment? In the show, the squad uses these items to get away from the Female Titan. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they’ll include these for extra immersion.

Where to Demo VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race

If the chase scene with the Female Titan in VR is anything like this video or this one, we’re sure it’ll be an epic VR experience any fan would jump into in a heartbeat. Count me in if it makes its way from Japan over to America.

If you live near Tokyo, demo the game on October 19th to the 26th at Ginza Sony Park from 10 am to 8 pm JST. Participants will also get a special sticker for doing their survey.