The massively popular rhythm and cube slicing VR game, Beat Saber by Beat Games, has had two major developments in the month of November and one community update. The studio announced that PS4 and PlayStation VR users would be getting the long-awaited game release this month.

Beat Games also celebrated the U.S. debut of their VR machine at IAAPA 2018 in Orlando, Florida. While community members are raving about the Beast Saber 100K Contest. Get all the latest Beat Saber deets here!

Beat Saber for PSVR

Credit to: Beat Games/PlayStation

PC VR fans have been slicing cubes to EDM music since its release on May 1st, 2018. This gave Oculus Rift, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality users a half of year headstart with Beat Saber. On November 20th, PSVR and PS4 players will finally see their version of the game released for console!

PSVR saberists won’t get to use mods like their PC counterparts, but, they will get Beat Saber music packs, according to Upload VR. It’s been widely published that Beat Saber would be releasing 5 new songs for console VR first, with PC fans acquiring these in the near future.

As a self-proclaimed Beat Saber queen, I’m not going to complain about the release of newly crafted songs for PSVR because there’s tons of content for PC already. PC VR players have a goldmine of songs, curated online playlists, fancy sabers, avatars, and platform mods that Beat Games is fine with accommodating. PC VR is also getting an additional song editor and other updates soon.

There’s plenty to be grateful for — like PC having customization on our side, which console doesn’t have access to. Not a shabby trade-off, in my opinion. However, there is PSVR getting a Practice Mode that is currently unavailable to PC VR users.

Yeah, this is something we don’t have, but will probably get eventually. No biggie, we’ll have to wait. This mode would allow players to “start from any part of the level or even slow the game to practice more difficult parts,” says Road to VR.

Beat Saber Debuts VR Machine

Credit to: Beat Games/VRsenal

Beat Saber also announced that they’d be debuting their new VR machine at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018. VR Fitness Insider reported that Beat Games and VRsenal used the Vive Pro headset to go along with their new neon Beat Saber arcade machine.

In the article, VRsenal’s Founder and CEO, Ben Davenport, says, “People from every imaginable demographic love to play this game, and they love to watch their friends play.”

“It’s super social, and when you combine our compact, fully-automated Virtual Arcade Cabinet with a brilliant game like Beat Saber, operators are going to see significant revenue-per-square-foot numbers beyond anything ever witnessed in the LBVR space.”

“We fully expect the Beat Saber Virtual Arcade Cabinet to be remembered as VR’s PAC-MAN moment. In other words – this is VR’s killer app.”

Players all over the world have reported that they use Beat Saber for fitness and fun. But will their new VR machine bring crowds into arcades, family fun centers, and location-based entertainment venues? Time will tell.

Want More Beat Saber?

Credit to: Beat Games

There is a Beat Saber community called Beast Saber who is hosting The 100K Contest. Saberists can download their modded scavenger hunt and play the game to try to unlock hidden golden tickets.

$12,000 worth in prizes and actual Vive Pro headsets, gift cards, apparel, and more are up for grabs. What better way to work off that Thanksgiving Day meal than with a main course of Beat Saber!