Beat Saber’s PSVR version is considered a complete release and the PC equivalent version will be getting more updates added real soon. The PSVR version just released this month with 11 of the game’s original soundtrack plus 5 new songs, new game modifiers, and spankin’ new sabers. Console saber ninjas even got new practice and campaign modes to slay cubes in!

With the PC version still in Early Access phase on Steam, clever saberers have helped Beat Saber grow its customization to greater heights with a beat map editor, tons of custom songs, as well as modded playlists, backgrounds, sabers, and other items. Now, there are more updates on the way!

New Beat Saber Music for All

Although equipped with 11 original song titles and all the mods, news broke that saberers on the PC side will be getting the 5 new songs “in time” reports Road to VR. You can actually listen to new songs like “Unlimited Power” by Jaroslav Beck and Frank Bentley and “Rum n’ Bass” by Boom Kitty on Spotify right now if you can’t wait for their game release.

A game reporter from the PlayStation side thinks that “the 16 tracks still don’t feel like enough” when compared to what PC has. Which is personal opinion and not reflective of the PSVR community as a whole. Lots of people are posting their gameplay videos online and are getting a kick out of the new game with a side helping of fitness and movement added in.

It’s also announced that “The team said it’s already planning to add 30 news songs across three upcoming DLC packs (10 tracks a pack). The developer said each of these packs should cost around $9.99 and will hopefully arrive “soon”. The first pack is apparently locked in and the second is nearing completion.” says, Venture Beat.

Road to VR says that 3 new free songs are likely on the horizon and that 30+ free songs will progressively get added to the game as well. Free songs are for independent artists to get exposure and the monetized song packs are for payment towards music licenses. Will the paid song tracks have popular artists on them? We’ll have to wait and see.

Watch PSVR Without Parole discuss Beat Saber below!

PC Updates Announced

Credit to: Beat Games

Beat Games declared on Steam that there are PC updates coming down the pike. Currently, difficulty levels go up to Expert but will now move up to add Expert+! There will also be new modifiers, light and saber changes, a practice mode added in, player stats, and more.

Road to VR details that Beat Saber plans on adding in “five or six more modifiers” on top of the already existing 8 for PSVR that’ll also be brought to PC. Players can expect the punishing challenge of Insta Fail mode that triggers a fail with any mistake. While the new Pro modifier that “shrinks the collider to match the visible area of each cube” will be perfect for accuracy training.

Like PSVR, PC gamers are getting new sabers so that the old ones don’t set off any unintentional IP wars with a major film franchise. There’s also going to be a new Practice Mode, which is based on PSVR’s version that allows players “to start from any part of the level or even slow the game to practice problematic parts” says PlayStation.Blog.