In October 2018, Canada legalized marijuana or cannabis for adult-use. NexTech AR Solutions Corp. is announcing their partnership with Cannvas Medtech Inc. The pairing is said to bring NexTech’s augmented reality features together with Cannvas’ cannabis-centric educational kiosks to our progressive northern neighbors.

Getting Informed About Cannabis with AR

In the internet age, we can get informed about almost everything we consume or use on a daily basis with just a few internet search entries. We research the food we eat and the medicines we’re treated with. But what about getting schooled on cannabis?

New product users and even seasoned consumers have questions about the medical benefits of consuming cannabis. What better way is there to get current and physician-backed information that’s based on facts instead of word of mouth, blog posts, pins, tweets, and memes without medical or scientific proof?

For many, having access to information comes with a price tag — from paying for internet to visiting a doctor’s office. The union between NexTech and Cannvas signals a massive step towards informing Canadian consumers about the cannabis products they currently use or will use with access to free information at retail spaces.

NexTech’s augmented reality platform has AR and 3D product demonstrations and even has hologram experts like trained budtenders and medical professionals who can share their knowledge with consumers. Cannvas’ kiosks act as a pillar that helps consumers grow their understanding of the potential benefits of medical and adult-use cannabis.

“Working with NexTech allows Cannvas the opportunity to create a first-to-market AR-based cannabis learning program and lead the way for the digital evolution of education as it continues to intertwine with technology to generate new and exciting ways for people to take in information,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc. in a press release.

“It has been proven that companies who personalize the user experience through AR enjoy an improvement in their customer relations and overall profitability, and our goal through this partnership with NexTech is to take our Cannvas Kiosk to the next level and ensure users receive accurate and evidence-based cannabis information customized to their needs and location.”

Get Answers About Cannabis Before Buying

With cannabis kiosks popping up throughout Canada this will save time between budtender and consumer interactions. Giving consumers a kiosk to get informed answers to their questions or insights about how to use products during green rush hour could also help with wait times.

Medical offices in the U.S. have informational kiosks and in some cases use tablets to allow their patients to research medical, health, and nutritional information while waiting for their appointment. We question if technologies like this will make their way towards being adopted stateside.

With legalization in Canada, online purchases from licensed distributors are also permitted depending on the location. NexTech’s e-commerce platform’s integration with WordPress, Shopify, and Magento highlights possibilities for informed online purchasing.

Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech Inc. states that, “The rise of AR as a prevalent marketing tool coupled with the proven track record of NexTech working with top brands to deliver personalized AR experiences to their customers made it an easy decision to retain their services and strengthen the impression our Cannvas Kiosk leaves on cannabis-curious users from coast to coast.”