Parents, kids, and fans of fairy tales will love experiencing Cinderella VR by Scott Adelman Apps and LunaBeat. The virtual reimagining of Cinderella is cute, immersive, and has vibrant scenery, storytelling, and engaging minigames.

Cinderella VR — A Virtual Fairy Tale

Step into the magical world of Cinderella VR and you’ll see 2D cutouts and a colorful environment appear. The whole cast of cartoon characters — the fairy godmother, Cinderella, her father, her stepmother, stepsisters — are all there!

When I stepped into the game, the story begins and I became Cinderella’s helper. I was quickly given a task to pick flowers to get the hang of things. Please note, Cinderella VR is a room scale game but doesn’t have teleportation. So, players will be localized to a smaller play area unless they have a larger play space.

Cinderella VR’s story plays on as you get set up for its minigames. The second minigame tasks the player with helping Cinderella cook for her hangry stepsisters. There’s a table with food to mix into the bubbling cauldron. I made hot dogs and omelets that were quickly tossed into the fire.

I finally made the stepsisters happy by listening to what they liked and ended up creating yummy looking breakfast sandwiches. Kudos to the developers for creating such appetizing looking virtual food! Culinary kids will love this part as they dive in and mix and match foods to create surprising meals. It’s also a great way to practice listening!

Cinderella! Credit to: Scott Adelman Apps and LunaBeat

Teaching kids how to be resilient problem solvers is one of the aims of this VR game. Players will need to piece together a ripped up invitation, but will also need to help Cinderella create a beautiful ball worthy gown. The interactive parts of this game are great for budding VR enthusiasts, but they do get a bit more challenging as the game progresses.

The fairy tale unfolds and players get help from the fairy godmother who has a magical pumpkin that will take Cinderella to the ball. Players need to get her to the castle by playing a literal minigame. I won’t spoil it! You’ll have to experience it for yourself.

Players attend the ball and are met with a rhythm and music challenge. I admit this was kind of difficult for me, even though I’m the queen of Beat Saber and can move pretty quickly. If any minigame gets too challenging there are controls that can skip ahead to the next part.

The final minigames involve getting Cinderella back home before her pumpkin carriage morphs back into a regular pumpkin. There is a balancing game that I won’t say anything else about because it’s a great idea that kids and adults will want to experience. Let’s just say that the whole story developed before my eyes and there was a happily ever after.

There’s a balloon minigame at the very end that I thought would be a fun extra game to play for a longer amount of time. There were also lots of chickens walking around and other cute farm animals I wished I could walk up to, pet, or play with. They’re all so round and cute that I think kids would love to interact with them.

Where to Get Cinderella VR

Cinderella VR is a great game for kids and is a family-friendly experience. Buy it on Steam for Oculus and Vive headsets for $9.99.