Germs are everywhere. They’re sneakily crawling around on our hands, skin, and on any surface that can be touched. Businesses, studios, arcades, hospitals, and everywhere VR and AR technology are implemented will gain an advantage on combatting germs by using the Cleanbox system.

The leading VR and AR headset hygiene company is partnering with VRX Conference & Expo from December 6th to the 7th and is also a corporate sponsor for the event. Excitingly, Cleanbox Founder and CEO, Amy Hedrick, will be a featured speaker at today’s event in San Francisco.

VR is a Growing Industry, Cleanbox is Keeping it Running

Virtual Reality is now accepted as an essential part of our society with major innovations in health, entertainment, education, training, and other areas of interest. This year, there’s been a rise in location-based VR venues and arcades springing up across the United States and the world. These venues are expected to grow the market to $1.2 billion this year and up to $8 billion by 2022, Forbes reports.

As more people discover and engage with VR outside the home, in medical settings, business and beyond, the need for a fast cleanliness solution becomes vital to user’s health and wellbeing. With more people jumping into VR and AR experiences to become ninja saberists, esports athletes, and to escape the pain and stress of medical procedures, what’s keeping all the hardware dry and germ-free?

Typically, attendants and venue runners will spend time wiping down squads of expensive headsets with antibacterial wipes made specifically for the headset, controllers, and haptics. Oftentimes, this leaves guests waiting for them to dry off and lines grow longer. Cleanbox technology is changing how hardware gets dried and disinfected quickly and waste-free.

The Cleanbox system uses a medical grade UV-C light with nanotech coating that kills germs so they never make it onto your face and nowhere near your eyes. The system also blows compressed air onto the headsets to dry and decontaminate them so you won’t be wearing someone else’s sweat, skin, or bacteria while wearing hardware sanitized with Cleanbox.

Industry Leaders at VRX Conference & Expo 2018

Founder & CEO of Cleanbox, Amy Hedrick. Credit to: Cleanbox

VRX 2018 is expected to host a large number of the AR, VR, MR, and XR industry’s leaders for the two-day event. Keeping guests aware of hygienic solutions for their hardware is essential to maintaining high cleanliness standards within the industry. Cleanbox is essentially functioning as an immune system warrior for XR users all around the world and is an eco-conscious solution for the entire industry and beyond.

I reached out to Cleanbox Founder and CEO, Amy Hedrick, and she shared more about the event and how the UV technology is helping the industry, “As the sole hygiene partner at VRX, I’m really looking forward to sharing how Cleanbox Technology is solving the challenge of hygiene for premium location-based entertainment businesses, addressing one of the existing barriers of entry into consumer use of VR.”

“Our patented design quickly disinfects and dries VR and AR headsets to help provide the highest quality mass market experience. We’re proud to be partnering with VRX to help leaders in our industry continue to grow their businesses.”

The Cleanbox CEO will also be sharing the stage with Dave & Busters’ Kevin Bachus, Digital Domain’s John Canning, Survios’ Mike Domaguing, and The Armada’s Christopher Lafayette. These industry leaders are taking part in a panel discussing key insights into consumer XR and location-based entertainment.