Reality Technologies (Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality) Companies and Startups


Discover the Startups and Companies Pioneering the Reality Technology Industry.

As the virtual reality landscape experiences tremendous popularity and growth over recent years, many innovative companies have formed to build out this growing ecosystem. Below is a list of several prominent virtual, mixed, and augmented reality startups and companies in various industries ranging from live streaming virtual reality content, to augmented reality enterprise software.

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Reality Technologies Startup and Company List

8i Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Hologram Company8iwww.8i.comImmersive Volumetric Virtual and Augmented reality
Aero Glass Augmented Reality Navigation CompanyAero Reality Aerial Navigation
AltspaceVR Virtual Reality Social Platform CompanyAltspaceVRwww.altvr.comSocial Platform for Virtual Reality
Augmedix Augmented Reality Healthcare CompanyAugmedixwww.augmedix.comAugmented Reality for Healthcare
Augment Company Enterprise AR PlatformAugmentwww.augment.comEnterprise Augmented Reality Platform
Avegant Near-Eye Display Technology CompanyAvegantwww.avegant.comNear-Eye Display Technologies
Blippar Augmented Reality CompanyBlipparwww.blippar.comAR and AI Visual Discovery App
DAQRI Professional Grade Augmented Reality CompanyDaqriwww.daqri.comProfessional Grade Augmented Reality
DigiLens AR and VR Optical TechnologiesDigiLenswww.digilens.comAugmented Reality and Virtual Reality Optical Technologies
Ditto 3D Virtual Try-on Technology CompanyDittowww.ditto.com3D Virtual Try-On Technology and Ecommerce
EON Virtual Reality for Sports CompanyEON sports VRwww.eonsportsvr.comAR and VR Experiencies for Sports Industry
High Fidelity Virtual Reality CompanyHigh Fidelitywww.highfidelity.comOpen Source, Shared, Virtual Reality
HoloLamp Glasses-Free Augmented Reality Hardware CompanyHoloLampwww.hololamp.techGlasses-Free Augmented Reality Hardware
Illusio Augmented Reality CompanyIllusiowww.illusioimaging.comAugmented Reality Imagery for Plastic Surgery
Improbable Virtual Simulation CompanyImprobablewww.improbable.ioLarge-Scale Virtual World Simulation Technology
Immersv Immersive Advertising CompanyImmersvwww.immersv.coImmersive Advertising Platforms
IrisVR Virtual Reality Architecture Engineering Construction CompanyIrisvrwww.irisvr.comVirtual Reality Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Janus VR Immersive Browsing Design CompanyJanus VRwww.janusvr.comImmersive Web Browsing and Design Platform
Jaunt VR AR MR Content Creation Distribution CompanyJauntwww.jauntvr.comVR AR MR Content Creation and Distribution
Lumis Augmented Reality Optics CompanyLumuswww.lumusvision.comAugmented Reality Optical Technologies
Magic Leap Mixed Reality CompanyMagic Leapwww.magicleap.comProprietary Mixed Reality Hardware and Software
Marxent Labs Omnichannel AR VR CompanyMarxentwww.marxentlabs.comOmnichannel AR and VR
Mechdyne 3D Visual VR Technology CompanyMechdynewww.mechdyne.com3D Visual and Virtual Reality Technology
MelodyVR Virtual Reality  Music Platform CompanyMelodyVRwww.melodyvr.comVirtual Reality Music Platform
Meta Augmented Reality Headset CompanyMetawww.metavision.comAugmented Reality Headsets
Metaverse Augmented Reality Platform CompanyMetaversewww.gometa.ioAugmented Reality Platform
MindMaze Mixed Reality Neuroscience CompanyMindMazewww.mindmaze.comNeuroscience and Mixed Reality
NextVR Virtual Reality Broadcasting CompanyNextVRwww.nextvr.comLive and On-Demand VR Experiences
Octi Human Movement Augmented Reality  CompanyOctiwww.octi.tvHuman Movement Augmented Reality
Oculus Virtual Reality CompanyOculuswww.oculus.comVirtual Reality Technology
Orah Live Virtual Reality Video CompanyOrahwww.orah.coLive Virtual Reality Video
OSVR Open Source Virtual Reality CompanyOSVRwww.osvr.orgOpen Source Virtual Reality
Pixvana Reality Video Creation Delivery Platform CompanyPixvanawww.pixvana.comReality Video Creation and Delivery Platform
Scope AR Augmented Reality Workplace CompanyScope ARwww.scopear.comAugmented Reality for the Workplace
Sketchbox VR AR Design and Prototyping Tool CompanySketchboxwww.sketchbox3d.comVR AR Design and Prototyping Tool
Sketchfab 3D File Platform CompanySketchfabwww.sketchfab.comPublishing Platform for 3D files
Snap Inc AR Social Media CompanySnapwww.snap.comAugmented Reality Social Media
StarVR Panoramic VR Headset CompanyStarVRwww.starvr.comPanoramic Virtual Reality Headset
STRIVR Virtual Reality Training CompanySTRIVRwww.strivr.comVirtual Reality Immersive Training
SVVR Virtual Reality Community OrganizationSVVRwww.svvr.comGlobal Virtual Reality Community
Unity VR Content Creation Engine CompanyUnitywww.unity3d.comVR Content Creation Engine
Mindshow Virtual Reality Story Creation CompanyMindshowwww.mindshow.comVirtual Reality Story Creation
Virtuix Virtual Reality Motion Platform CompanyVirtuixwww.virtuix.comVirtual Reality Motion Platform
VR Coaster Ride Solutions CompanyVR Coasterwww.vrcoaster.comVR Solutions for Ride Attractions
vSpatial VR Collaboration and Productivity Space CompanyvSpatialwww.vspatial.comVR Collaboration and Productivity Space
WaveOptics Augmented Reality Hardware CompanyWaveOpticswww.enhancedworld.comAugmented Reality Hardware Components
WEARVR Virtual Reality App Store CompanyWEARVRwww.wearvr.comVirtual Reality App Store
Wevr Virtual Reality Content Network CompanyWevrwww.wevr.comOnline Virtual Reality Content Network
WITHIN Story Based VR AR Immersive Experiences CompanyWITHINwww.with.inStory-Based VR AR Immersive Experiences
WorldViz Virtual Reality Creation Collaboration CompanyWorldVizwww.worldviz.comVirtual Reality Creation Collaboration