Creed: Rise to Glory, the Survios boxing game, is getting a free update that will add 2 more boxers to PS VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift platforms. Viktor Drago and Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler are joining the roster of fighters, making it a 10 fighter lineup.

Creed II Film Release and Creed: Rise to Glory Update

Hot off the gloves of Creed II’s silver screen release on November 21st, Creed: Rise to Glory’s new auto-update will hit VR headsets on November 27th. Scrappy fighters will step into the Delphi gym and other famous gyms and rings from Rocky and Creed films and now have more competition to look forward to.

VR Fight Night

Credit to: Survios

Since its release back in September, VR boxing fans and the film’s followers have been boxing and training with Rocky “The Pride of Philadelphia” Balboa in Freeplay. While PvP challengers have been boxing each other to rave reviews.

PS VR players may have young Rocky as an exclusive fighter, but adding 2 new fighters kind of softens the blow for PC VR users. Fighters on all platforms step in the ring at the skill level they are at. Don’t worry if you start off at Rookie, Pro, or Champion level, everyone will be getting an intense workout.

However, we have to wonder what kind of skills these fighters will end up having. Every boxer in Creed: Rise to Glory has a strength working for them and a weakness that works against them. Nothing has been said about this, so it’s a detail that will have to wait to be revealed until the game’s auto-release date.

The mechanics of the game, which is pretty straightforward with punches, parry’s, and dodging, are true to real boxing form. And like any real boxer will tell you, conserving energy is also a must for this title.

Survios Phantom Melee Technology, the body mimicking or “ghosting” that players experience when they’re knocked out of their body will stay the same. As will the arm-circling locomotion movement system some PS VR users online have said needs re-working. As of right now, there is no change for that.

Credit to: Survios

Creed II and Rocky Backstory

The only updates are the addition of characters Drago and “Stuntman”. Survios described the Creed II fighters backstories on the PlayStation.Blog so players who haven’t seen the film will have more information about why these boxers are so important to the game.

“Adonis Creed finally faces off against his old Delphi Gym rival Danny Wheeler (Andre Ward) as the lead-up for a much larger showdown with his past: Viktor Drago, son of Ivan “The Siberian Express” Drago, the Soviet boxer who killed Adonis’ father Apollo during an exhibition bout.”

Creed’s Physical Release Copy

Players can now play as the tough as nails boxers in PvP mode and in Freeplay, or against them as their rival. As a digital game that’s downloadable on Oculus Home, Steam, and the PlayStation Store, Android Central had interesting news about Creed: RTG’s physical release copy.

The online publication says, “To celebrate the release of the DLC [Survios] has released a physical copy of the game as well as including Creed: Rise to Glory in a bundle with the PlayStation VR, the Move controllers, Move camera, and Superhot VR, one of the very best games available in VR today.”