Survios and MGM are releasing their single and multiplayer PvP boxing title, CREED: Rise to Glory, today September 25th. The heavily anticipated VR game is compatible with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets. With Road to VR reporting that CREED: Rise to Glory will be hitting “more than 500 VR arcades” on the day of release as well.

Following in Apollo Creed’s Footsteps

This VR game follows Adonis “Hollywood” Creed’s rise to boxing glory as he follows in his late father, Apollo Creed’s, footsteps. Adonis, the underdog of the boxing world, takes to training and fightin’ just like “The Prince of Punch” or “The King of Sting” himself with training from “The Pride of Philadelphia” Rocky Balboa!

Survios VR Locomotion

Credit to: Survios/MGM via PlayStation.Blog

The game’s studio, Survios is behind some very popular VR games like Raw Data, and most recently Electronauts and Sprint Vector. Sprint Vector is a visually stunning and movement heavy VR game that has had acclaim with VR League and the VR community as an eSports game.

Survios’ racing game has smooth locomotion where players hold controllers and trigger buttons in real life to move in the game. The arm swinging locomotion mechanic looks like it got a bit of a revamp for their AAA boxing game. In CREED: Rise to Glory, players learn advanced locomotion or barreling their arms like they’re hitting a speed bag. Players press buttons and move controllers to scamper around the ring during fights.

VR Fitness Insider has covered Creed: Rise to Glory on its path to completion and raves, “There’s no doubt in our minds that CREED: Rise to Glory will be an amazing full body workout. We’ve demoed this game multiple times and it’s always been as authentic as you can get to stepping into an actual boxing ring or training at Mighty Mick’s gym.”

The Virtual Reality and fitness site explains Creed’s “Phantom Melee Technology”, as an “out of body experience”. After being punched hard, players become a ghost of themselves and have to mimic the same position they were punched out of. After, players then have to use the advanced locomotion move to run to their body, avoid a K.O., and into the fight once more.

Creed: Rise to Glory at Arcades

With Survios expecting Creed: Rise to Glory at “more than 500 VR arcades” and an update from single to multiplayer PvP, we can’t wait to see new players duke it out for the first time. Meanwhile, Road to VR goes on to say, “Survios has confirmed that indeed all versions of ‘CREED: Rise to Glory’ will have PvP multiplayer.” PS VR owners collectively sighing at, “Cross-play will however only be enabled between the Steam and Oculus Store versions.” 

Will arcade use boost awareness of the VR industry among consumers who haven’t tried VR yet? Will the game draw in crowds who like the Rocky and Creed films? And will it increase purchase numbers from consumers who are without a VR headset? Currently, arcades with VR games are a hot trend, especially with Beat Saber arcade machines popularizing VR overseas. The numbers and reviews will show us how well they do.