The immersive and experiential Virtual Reality studio, Dreamscape Immersive, has their sights set on expanding globally. To do so, the studio from Los Angeles has hired two new senior Vice Presidents, details VR Focus.

Dreamscape Immersive Multi-Sensory Experience

Entertainment industry reports say that tickets for Dreamscape Immersive’s first successful multi-sensory VR experience Alien Zoo sold out in 24 hours. entertainment titans like 21st Century Fox, AMC Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., VR Sense Solutions, and Bold Capital Partners are backing them financially and sets Dreamscape Immersive onward to expansion.

The studio’s location-based and multi-sensory VR experience, Alien Zoo, had a successful but limited run. Guests of the alien experience wore PC backpacks, Oculus Rift headsets, and tracking sensors that were worn on the hands and feet. They also wore tracked vests.

In addition, special effects like heat and mist, and the sensation of texture while petting creatures set Dreamscape Immersive apart from other VR experiences. Having a Hans Zimmer soundtrack amplified the cinematic quality of their virtual experience.

About the VPs

Following the success of Alien Zoo, Deadline reports that Adam Rockmore of Fandango movie ticket site, and Ron McJunkin of Sonos the wireless and home speaker system developer and manufacturer, will each accept VP roles. As a joint effort to expand Dreamscape Immersive’s reach worldwide there are not one, but two VP’s. Rockmore is now VP of global head of marketing and communications. While McJunkin is VP of global retail stores and operations.

Adam Rockmore
Adam Rockmore Credit to: Deadline via Dreamscape Immersive

The entertainment news site says, “Rockmore will be charged with shaping the Dreamscape brand”. He’ll be “developing campaigns that will encourage audiences to experience the company’s virtual worlds.” Rockmore has experience in the entertainment and ticketing realms of Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes, ABC and other large companies, making him a strong pick for VP.

Ron McJunkin
Ron McJunkin Credit to: Deadline via Dreamscape Immersive

“McJunkin will oversee Dreamscape Immersive’s global retail operations, working alongside the company’s investors and partners. This includes, “AMC Entertainment Holdings, Majid Al Futtaim (MAF)”. These companies are “a major mall and cinema operator in the Middle East, and Westfield/Unibail-Rodamco”. Their goal is to “develop mall-based entertainment centers.” McJunkin’s history with Nordstrom, Gap, and other popular retail leaders makes is him a solid VP choice.

Location-Based Entertainment

LBE, or location-based entertainment, is becoming more popular with shopping malls and entertainment centers like that of the arcade. The Los Angeles Times recently released an article that put VR as a potential solution to the dwindling stability of America’s malls.

Additionally, more consumers are spending their hard earned cash at VR gaming attractions at VR arcades and family fun centers. Major studio-backed LBE’s like Dreamscape Immersive and The Void are stocked with multi-sensory features. Texture and temperature add a level of immersion that can’t be seen or felt in VR with only a headset.

Adventurous tech and movie fans are anticipating Ralph Breaks VR. This week, The Void announced a 2019 Oculus Quest release for Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR. However, which LBE VR experiences will we see emerge from Dreamscape Immersive?

Hopefully, we’ll see more immersive sensory features, interactive objects, characters, storylines, and group activities. With the reveal of the standalone Oculus Quest and a recent Vive Pro and Oculus Rift wireless add-on, we’re also thinking they’ll ditch the PC backpacks.