For those that want to experience VR for the first time or you want to see and feel what the newest in VR technology has to offer, you’ve gotta know about Dreamscape Immersive. Located at Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles, the flagship location is delighting guests and is also gathering celebrity praise!

Dreamscape Immersive is Backed by Hollywood

Backed by big comfy chair and movie mavericks, AMC Theaters, as well as a handful of investors in the movie industry, most notably Steven Spielberg, Dreamscape Immersive is inviting guests to jump into VR in a way that will change everything you know about the technology.

Equipped with tetherless VR headsets, computer backpacks, and motion trackers, guests transform into virtual avatars that get to walk around with a group and interact with VR experiences like Alien Zoo, The Blu: Deep Rescue, and Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl.

Alien Zoo’s music is scored by none other than Hans Zimmer, composer for the 2019 version of the film The Lion King. The experience pushes the bounds of consumer-facing technology with haptic floors and sensory details like touch and smell when petting aliens.

Guests like Charlie Fink, a former Disney executive, current contributing technology writer for Forbes, and VR/AR insider, stepped into Alien Zoo last year and raved about it. He says, “This is the kind of experience you’d find in a Disney theme park. I absolutely loved it.”

“No player in all of free roam VR – and there are some spectacular experiences out there – comes even close to what Dreamscape achieves in art, storytelling, immersion, and presence. And it’s cinematic. Like you’re inside the movie.”

With three cinematic VR experiences ready for showtime, Dreamscape Immersive plans to release more. Deadline reports that “The opening marks the start of a period of expansion that will bring four stand-alone and in-theatre VR experiences to the Dallas/Ft. Worth and the New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas, and to Columbus, Ohio.”

When can residents and visitors dive into these experiences? The site adds that we can expect new worlds soon, noting, “Dreamscape’s partner, AMC Theatres, plans to open these VR experiences in mid 2019.”

Celebrities are Thrilled by VR!

Location-based VR venues like Dreamscape Immersive excite guests with VR’s flair for bringing imagination to life. Even celebrities like Paul Reubens and David Arquette are showing their support for the medium with a visit.

Reubens, who is admired by many for his television and film character Pee-wee Herman, and professional wrestler slash actor, Arquette, recently popped into the location-based VR venue.

The entertainers were blown away by the virtual alien zoo, underwater adventure, and being teleported into a movie. Reubens gave it a review on his blog My Log and Twitter saying, “All 3 are staggering! I brought my buddy David Arquette and he hasn’t been the same since!”

He also sparked anticipation for fans posing the question, “Can a VIRTUAL PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE EXPERIENCE be far away?!?!?!!” If a Pee-wee’s Playhouse VR experience is in the works, color me polka dotted.

Planning on Visiting?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area or are in the locations mentioned above, tickets are $20 per person and run between 9 to 12 and a half minutes.