AR Pizza game may be rolling, but Domino has a better idea: why not make your own pizza in augmented reality, and have it delivered to your house? That’s right, enter the New Pizza Chef AR ordering tool from Domino.

Enter Pizza Chef: Domino Delivers First Ever Real AR Pizza Creator/Ordering Service

Finally here. We are huge fans of high-brow reality tech business talk, but in the end things come down to whether it all has some practical consumer value. If there ever was any doubt, Domino toppled it with one tap. The New Pizza Chef AR ordering tool lets users create their own pizza on a smartphone and have the real one delivered. They can choose among different selection of bases and toppings, with one or two surprises on the way. The AR pizza model they make will come to life at the doorstep.

In words of Domino CMO Allan Collins: ‘users will be able to visually create their favorite pizza by dragging toppings onto a virtual pizza, selecting their preferred crust, sauce, cheese and swirls and see it being created first-hand’. Domino has also put emphasis on the level of realism, visualizing just the amount of ingredients that go into actual pizza. The result is what users expect, getting the same pizza modeled through the app.

Enter Pizza Chef: Domino Delivers First Ever Real AR Pizza Creator/Ordering ServiceBesides pizza making, the Chef has a few additional perks, the latest deals for instance. Creating the pizza creator, Domino is hoping, is sure of it rather, that Pizza Chef AR will boost online sales. In fact, 2 million AR pizzas found their way to consumers only in this first week, a trend that will likely go down once the fascination subsides but is nonetheless important to keep fresh with ideas. ‘We know it’s important for us to always be making the online ordering experience more seamless, rewarding, and memorable for our consumers’, says Michael Gillespie, Domino’s chief digital and tech officer.

And now more to the technology behind the offering. The app runs on both ARkit and ARcore frameworks to deliver the latest AR experience available. The first glance at the app and you’ll notice it looks a lot more like a latest game than food ordering app. That’s because Pizza Chef AR uses uses the cross-platform Unity engine delivering uniquely visual appeal to the set. Unity engine offers ‘a high quality of realism in its images as well as incorporating gamification elements to further engage customers’. Moreover, users will never lose light of their AR pizzas thanks to GPS Driver Tracker technology.

Enter Pizza Chef: Domino Delivers First Ever Real AR Pizza Creator/Ordering ServiceIt is worth keeping one eye on Domino. The company is moving in the right direction while never losing sight on what the consumers want. Their latest innovations, like the aforementioned GPS order tracking technology or the still fresh OnTimeCooking showcase care for customers rarely seen around. Domino is also working on its Project3Ten, a service that would cut the delivery time to 10 minutes total. Sticking to our guns, Domino’s new Pizza Chef AR tool is something we secretly wanted to see. The new Focals are extremely cool, but equally expensive. Apps like these keep the growing industry fresh in the eyes of the consumers.