San Francisco’s Exit Reality is a location-based Virtual Reality platform company that has formed a partnership with the VR technology and content developer Neurogaming from Cyprus. This tech collab is launching The X Arc, an all in one location-based VR (LB VR) gaming package that has content support from Neurogaming’s PlayVR.

VR Gaming and The X Arc

The X Arc and PlayVR used to be accessible only in out-of-home businesses in Europe but are now making their way to the United States. Guests will play multiplayer VR games like Alpha CentaVR, RevolVR, and even Beat Saber.

They designed their VR content to attract a variety of guests to entertainment-based businesses. X Arc and Neurogaming’s PlayVR is an LB VR package full of games and experiences are age appropriate for a spectrum of customers. Their gaming platform keeps things fresh by releasing one new game a quarter.

What Their Tech Can Do

The X Arc. Credit to: Exit Reality

Neurogaming has hosted massive multiplayer VR tournaments in the recent past. The company held an international RevolVR gaming tournament that hosted thousands of participants to play the western shooter at different locations. These have taken place across different countries and continents and connect gamers with just one game.

As an attraction that’s outside the home, businesses with 17×17 feet of play space can use The X Arc for up to 4 guests at a time. The multiplayer VR attraction is perfect for use at theme parks, shopping malls, and family entertainment centers.

Exit Reality and Neurogaming even set up shop at VRLA, a VR tech festival held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, earlier this year. They were able to interconnect thousands of players together in a multiplayer tournament, which is nothing short of a VR miracle.

“It’s the ideal solution for FECs, amusement parks […] who want to get the most out of virtual reality,” said Yoni Koenig, co-founder of Exit Reality. “The X Arc is our flagship product, a culmination of our goal to provide the best physical infrastructure, digital distribution channel, and services to create a thriving VR LBE business for our customers.”

Its infrastructural design was created by Greg Abbott whose a metal fabrication craftsman and prop builder. Abbot has 10 Guinness World Records and additional tech experience under his belt.

The X Arc is designed with “best-in-class technology”, which is important to the guest’s experience and also simplifies the “system management for the out-of-home entertainment market.”

Yury Krylov, Chief Executive Officer of Neurogaming said, “We found a great partner in Exit Reality who shares our vision for what the VR gaming experience should be”. Adding, “Their expertise in the industry is the reason why we’ve decided to partner with them” and that “we’re looking forward to seeing PlayVR’s content become the talk of the town in cities across the country.”

Where to Find The X Arc

Interested businesses can pre-order The X Arc now. Visitors of Orlando, Florida’s  IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 can head over to booth #E7135 to demo its games.

Watch their IAPPA 2018 video down below!