With the growing craze of AR games in the market, everyone just looks for more and more ways to include themselves in any new version of the technology hitting the market.

Facebook, which is among one of the widely used and accommodating social media platforms recently declared the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) games that can be played with up to 6 people while carrying a video chat simultaneously. In short, the social media giant not allows users to play a multiplayer game online with friends and that too while video calling them.

This so far sounds as one of the most interesting releases the market might be waiting for. The AR game followed the launch of filters in the Facebook messenger back in 2016 involving various filters and face accessories to make everything enjoyable.

The product manager heading this technology, Nora Micheva gave an insight of the games that are going to be the part of an immediate launch. She further added that starting August 8th, 2018 Facebook Messenger would allow the users to challenge up their friends to one of two games that include:

  • Don’t Smile: This game challenges you and your partner to hold up a steady and serious face as long as possible. The one breaking the rule or popping out the laugh will lose the challenge. The games involve various filters tried around your face, making you expose to the hilarious images of yours.
  • Asteroids Attack: This game involves spaceships that will be navigated through one’s facial expressions. You navigate the virtual ship, and the first to blow it off would lose.

The Facebook Messenger video chat AR games add a new dimension to boring texting. Micheva added the games are expected to release within coming span of weeks including the Kitten Kraze which is a matching cat game and Beach Bump in which players pass a beach ball back and forth.

The Beach Bump that is a throw-ball virtual competition between the partners, the ball must be thrown back and forth without dropping and the Kitten Kraze which is a cat identification game pairing up the same cats.

Micheva elaborated that the users would need to install the latest version of the messenger, or just update the existing one to the latest version. The latest version would enable accessing the newly released AR games and would automatically enhance user’s gaming and chatting experience.

All the user needs to do is open any conversation and select people or groups they want to initiate a video chat with. Once done they have to click the video icon present on the upper right corner of the app. After the user has chosen teams and people, the next step is to click on the start button which will bring up the list of AR games. The user is free to choose from any of the options and enjoy playing any of the game.

After the game is selected all active members of the video call will be notified and alerted for the beginning of the game.