If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters films there’s no need to grab your old school Proton Pack or take a test to see if you believe in Loch Ness to join the team. Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Ghost Corps, and FourThirtyThree Inc. are releasing an Augmented Reality app based on the franchise! Ghostbusters World is expected to launch later this year.

Gameplay for Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World AR app
Credit to: Sony

Leave your collectible gear at home, ghost catchers will corral apparitions using the Ghostbusters World AR app on their mobile phones. The game is set up similarly to Jurassic World Alive and the massively popular Pokémon Go, which uses Google mapping to get players to walk and visit locations to collect, in this case, ghosts and spirits.

It’s been widely reported that the app will be available to both Android and iOS smartphones (your P.K.E. Meter and Proton Pack) and will work with ARKit and ARCore. Ghostbusters World will have both single and multiplayer gameplay modes. It will also have a PvP arena, Story Mode, and more.

Venture Beat reported that “Several friends can join you in taking down bosses, and four of us gave that a try.” Excited, the reviewer said, “A Stay Puft Marshmallow Man spawned on us, and we attacked it with everything we had.” Noting that four players are the maximum number able to join you in a ghost takedown.

As an AR game, players have a variety of gameplay options to choose from. It’s more than a collector’s game or a two-person PvP. Making Ghostbusters World as a collaborative four-person game is a great connection to the two Ghostbuster film’s four main characters.

Their gameplay review shared what kind of weapons Ghostbuster fans will use to lock down ghosts. “I had a couple of different weapons, including one that was like a shotgun and another like an electric shock. All the while, the happy Ghostbusters soundtrack plays.”

Fans can also expect to fight, capture, and collect ghosts from across the franchises many creative outlets. This includes significant ghosts from the film, comic books, TV shows, past video games, and more. Ghosts are found and captured and have various abilities that are leveled up for combat with other collector’s ghosts.

VR Focus announced that the AR app has “The Ghost Dimension features the PVP Ghost Arena to battle other players as well as Gozer’s Tower and the Daily Haunt.” Mentioning, “Story Mode is a turn-based tactical RPG where you choose four of your ghosts to battle it out.” The mode also features cut-scenes and a script.”

AR adventurers are able to play Ghostbusters World for free by downloading it once it’s released, but are also able to use real cash for microtransactions, reports USgamer. The site demoed the game and shares that players can use real money to buy Phantom Keys to get through Ghost Dimensions. Players can also upgrade traps and buy gems to get the game’s coins to level up ghosts faster.

Ghostbusters World Release Date

The game will release later this year in Quarter 4. Check the Ghostbusters World site for more information.