The mighty reptilian beast Godzilla is stomping his way to VR ZONE arcades in Shinjuku and other locations in Japan! Bandai Namco’s Godzilla VR attraction hosts a 4 player group experience that will fight the massive reptilian kaiju. VR ZONE visitors, start making your plans now, Godzilla VR releases on November 3rd.

Godzilla VR

“In Godzilla VR, four players sit in motion platforms outfitted with dual flight sticks and HTC Vive Pros, the physical pretense to what looks like an awe-inspiring co-op helicopter battle against the scaly behemoth,” says Road to VR.

Motion platforms are used for virtual rollercoasters, race car simulations, Mario Kart VR, and now for the famous titan-sized lizard. Players sit in the motion seat, buckle in, put on their headset, and then the game or experience begins.

Guests that go on this adventure and then experience taking on the role of a helicopter pilot will fly around and fire lasers into Godzilla with dual joysticks. The seats will move around to show direction like a real helicopter and will likely shake during any impact from spewed flames or strikes from the giant lizard.

The Scaly Details

Credit to: VR ZONE

According to UploadVR, “Based on the footage, this version of the monster looks like it’s based on the recent Japanese movie, Shin-Godzilla, rather than the blockbuster Hollywood movies. That’s fine by us; he looks absolutely terrifying and the giant laser beams shooting from his back must be a sight to behold.”

In any version, Godzilla in VR would be scary to see up close and personal. From the looks of the trailer, the scales, teeth, size, and fire look fierce and detailed, which is what we’d hope to see from a VR helicopter and fighting game.

We also like where they are going with the lasers and blood coagulation bullets, but we also think that guests at VR ZONE will want to have a variety of weapons to fight Godzilla with to make battles more diverse.

VR Inspired by Films and Gaming

Fun fact: Since 1954 there have been 32 different Godzilla movies that have seen screen time and one more called Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in the works for 2019. It isn’t known if this VR experience is preparation for the reveal of the film or if it’s just a happy coincidence for fantasy and science fiction film fans, but we’re sure it’ll be a great time.  

Currently, VR ZONE is the starting block from which games with a strong fan base like Mario Kart VR and now Godzilla VR emerge. The public in Japan gets to experience new Vive Pro headsets and new games, which leaves us feeling a bit green with envy that fans in the United States will have to travel or wait to experience these games for ourselves.

Where to Get Tickets

Guests of VR ZONE will see Godzilla VR smash into Shinjuku on November 3rd. Pre-purchase tickets from Friday, October 26th to Friday, November 2nd. Godzilla VR is already playing in Osaka.

Watch the Godzilla VR gameplay trailer for VR ZONE below!