It is once again confirmed that Mixed Reality and sports training are natural alias. The leading MR golf simulation glasses developer vGolf has got their hitherto patent pending simulation finally approved. Golf aficionados have a lot to be excited about; vGolf MR glasses are just the thing they were looking for.

VR and MR have been hailed in sports industry as they offer unprecedented situational awareness to the laymen and professionals alike. You could set any situational conundrum for trainees to get familiar with, with no incentive to leave the room, any room. Stationary as it is, Golf is naturally well suited for MR sessions, but we lacked a definitive golf platform for a long time. Until now.

vGolf MR glasses get the awaited approval and are now ready to roll. What they offer to the sports enthusiasts is the unprecedented (virtual) realism in enjoying their favorite sport. For starters, vGolf glasses do not divorce you from real world equipment and tactile awareness. If fact, players use their own tools, clubs and all, to improve their efficiency. What vGolf MR glasses do is overlay the real world with an AR course simulation that has all the perks off a real golf course, and then some.

The company founder and CEO Tom Kudirka sounded more than thrilled to announce his product: ‘vGolf is an exciting new solution that revolutionizes how golfers will play and train by bringing mixed reality to the game of golf’. Kudirka has plenty of first-hand experience in animation, having been responsible for team assembly behind COD: Modern Warfare games. He is especially proud of the fact that users don’t leave their rooms in the process of getting better, and they hit the real ball with real clubs. Mixing realities in statement as well as his company’s product, Kudirka said of vGolf: ‘It combines augmented reality glasses with its proprietary software to blend the real world with a virtual reality overlay creating a thrilling mixed reality product for the consumer’.

There’s more to vGolf MR glasses that meets the screens. Users can turn it into a great companion towards perfecting that shot. Besides the usual graphical course representation, the glasses have built in data trackers that help the initiated work on their game. Shot parameters like ball-tracking, position, spin, or acceleration data only add to the layers. There is, too, a grid-like course representation for enhanced depth awareness.

vGolf MR glasses also come laden with various mods and games for enhanced golf and game experience. Virtual Caddy includes an electronic golf ball with automatic data tracking capabilities. The shot statistics will be displayed immediately after the shot is made, keeping scores of you and friends. For those willing to step up their game further, there is a Virtual Instructor mode where a holographic professional instructor works on your technique by highlighting, and explaining, your mistakes.  

Knowing Kudirka’s background, no wonder vGolf MR glasses come with preinstalled golf games users can play alone or with friends. So far vGolf looks like just the thing golfers lacked. For the full golfing experience, we will have to wait for the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show towards the end of January.