Ready Player One is the massively successful Steven Spielberg film about a world in which players compete in Virtual Reality (VR) for fame and fortune in the metagame called OASIS. HTC Vive announced that Ready Player One: OASIS beta now has a Viveport DLC (downloadable content) expansion pack!

Experience the Expanded OASIS

“Ready Player One: OASIS is one of the most downloaded titles on Viveport,” said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport. “We’re proud to be able to deliver this premium update to Viveport Subscribers at no additional cost to their monthly payment as they continue their adventure in the “Ready Player One” universe.”

Fans of Ready Player One: OASIS games can also purchase the Vive and Vive Pro exclusive Elite Gunter Pack DLC for $19.99 on Viveport. Players will need to download the original VR game in order to download the new DLC.

New Ready Player One: OASIS Game Content

Credit to: HTC Vive

The first version of RPO: OASIS beta had 5 VR games for players to experience. These are Gauntlet (Directive Games), Battle for the OASIS (Steel Wool Studios), and Rise of the Gunters (Drifter Entertainment Inc.). Additionally, Smash (2 Bears Studio) and Fracture (2 Bears Studio).

Now, virtual challengers are getting the Elite Gunter Pack DLC, which adds exciting gaming content to 4 of their already existing games. Battle for the OASIS is an IOI Sixers versus Gunters FPS game that takes place in Anorak’s Castle. Players are gaining 8 levels, more bosses, and waves of Sixers.

Gauntlet is a dungeon crawler and a bow and arrow FPS game that has more dungeon levels to explore, loot, and fight the undead. For instance, the DLC gives the game more levels, and more environment and powerup variety other than eating food.

Smash is James Halliday’s favorite game and is also a digital version of paddle ball with 9 more levels to conquer thanks to the DLC. While Fracture is still a 3D brick-breaking game, except this time it has 20+ levels to test your aiming and timing skills!  

Want More DLC? Let Them Know!

Upload VR’s Jamie Feltham reports that Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios said, “I mean it’s actually it’s got a huge amount of people downloading it.” Adding, “It’s probably our number 1 downloaded title so far. So there’s a big footprint out there.”

The studio head shares, “So if people engage and really like the new content and let us know they’re interested, we’ve built this framework in the Oasis to expand it infinitely so we could actually make it the real Oasis.”

Fans of the Spielberg film, Ernest Cline novel, and actual Virtual Reality will want to add reviews of their game online. Better yet, they’ll want to make an effort to send the studio and their developers a positive or constructive message so they will keep adding content to the game.

In a statement by HTC Vive, “Ready Player One: OASIS has proven to be an extremely popular title that has resonated across the VR community,” said Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios. “Collaborating with some of our favorite developers, we’ve created a premium update that gives “Ready Player One” fans a deeper dive into this rich universe.”