HTC Vive is making significant power moves and dishing out major announcements over the past few months. Excitingly, Vive recently announced their 6DoF and Wave developer kit, the launch of the Vive Focus, and the new Vive Sync collaboration solution. Now, they’re announcing a large group of Vive X partnerships and their Black Friday sale.

Vive X Partners

Earlier this month, HTC Vive announced that they joined in a hardware partnership with 15 businesses. On November 15th, Vive announced the fourth wave of their VR and AR alliances. Their accelerator program, “Vive X has proven to be one of the most consistent and active investors in the AR/VR space, funding approximately one hundred companies since its inception in July 2016”, their statement says.

On November 15th, Vive announced that they’ve selected 18 more companies for their Vive X AR and VR accelerator program. These startups will work out of Vive’s global offices and will focus on “building enterprise solutions such as training simulators, location-based entertainment models, and data visualization tools”, Vive said in a statement.

The AR and VR companies that are joining the ever-expanding hardware and software company will work out of their offices at 6 locations. Visby, Primitive, Modal, ybVR, and MyndVR will work out of Vive’s San Francisco offices. With Immersive Factory, LIV, and Kagenova residing at their office in London.

Taipei will see 360Stories, Z-Emotion, and Pumpkin Studio settle in at their offices. While Inload and Yaoan will be at the Shenzen office, and ifGames, ShinyVR and Yuanji will join the office in Beijing. And and Ayayu joining the Tel Aviv location.

VR technology is expected to bring in “$12.6 billion annually by 2025” according to stats from Tractica. Vive X’s fourth new Batch of alliances will allocate resources toward businesses that are behind holographic imaging software, location-based entertainment, health and safety training, 360-degree content, 3D design, VR kiosks, tracking, and even more innovations.

“As we head into our fourth batch of Vive X companies, we’re looking toward mass-market drivers in the consumer space, but also placing a large emphasis on how companies integrate VR into their work,” said Marc Metis, Vice President, HTC VIVE.

“We have selected companies in this batch that will help deliver on that promise and elevate the enterprise experience by developing toolsets that train employees, increase workplace safety, and improve collaboration and customer acquisition.”

Viveport’s Epic Black Friday Sale and More Sales!

Credit to: Vive

Vive announced their pre-sale would be going from Thursday to Monday. Unfortunately, as of writing this, Sairento VR, Accounting+, Arizona Sunshine, Superhot, and The Wizards pre-sale deals are now out of digital stock.

If you missed the pre-sale, Viveport says to “check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals.” Get up to 95% off on select titles and expect more discounts and giveaways during their Epic Black Friday Sale. If you sign up for a subscription to Viveport or already have one, you’ll get a $10 credit to buy stuff! Also, sign into Viveport on actual Black Friday to get Arcade Saga to download and keep for free.

Vive is also offering their Vive Pro (full kit) for $200 off starting November 23rd and going to Monday, November 26th! That’s a total price of $1,199 for the headset, two 2.0 base stations, next-gen controllers, and two-month Viveport subscription or just the Vive Pro headset for $699!