Imagine growing up in the 21st century and learning to read with a little help and fun from a smartphone or tablet! Augmented Reality technology is changing how children learn to read and comprehend what they’re reading through play. Within has built a free iOS app called Wonderscope that’s bringing digital characters to life on screens kids are already using.

Wonderscope Promotes Reading Skills and Play with AR

Credit to: Within

So many kids spend hours playing games that are fun but aren’t educational. A Quartz article recommends that kids ages 8 to 11 should spend no more than 2 hours per day looking at a screen. Why not spend that time with an entertaining and educational app like Wonderscope.

“Millions of kids use screens as much or more than adults, and they often do it alone,” said Within CEO, Chris Milk. “With AR, we see an opportunity to change that dynamic. Rather than disappearing into our devices and shutting out the world, Wonderscope promotes a new kind of screen-positive experience, one that opens you up to everything and everyone around you.”

Wonderscope is an app that has enriching stories that motivate kids to read aloud with its accompanying voice recognition system. This system uses machine learning to be able to detect spoken words and passages with or without an internet connection. Perfect for long car rides or any time really!

On The Go Stories

Kids can bring story time with them anywhere they go and see the environment around them transform and brought to life as characters interact with the scenery around them. Wonderscope turns learning into tech-driven entertainment by using Apple’s ARKit to mix reality with augmented images and sounds.

Curious kids and adults can look through a mobile phone or tablet and see stories like A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People (Free) and Little Red the Inventor ($4.99) get brought to life. Kids will get to read about Betty Bromage, a fearless 88-year-old who stood on the wings of a plane, and also get to see her appear in Augmented Reality acting out her famous stunt!

The classic story of Little Red Riding Hood gets a new version where Red becomes an inventor! Kids read her story aloud but are also learning to use their voice confidently and engage with the story in an interactive way that also makes them the hero.

Digital Storytime Keeps Kids Interacting with the World

Wonderscope is also shaking up storytime with its “Look At” feature that connects readers to characters with eye contact. What it does is it simulates eye contact by matching the storytellers gaze to the character, making the experience realistic.

What’s so influential about Wonderscope is that kids aren’t forgetting about the world around them by using screens. AR technology doesn’t replace reality, it lets kids and adults view the world around them with unique characters, scenery, and sounds added in.

“As a parent, I’m excited to release an app that builds confidence through reading,” added Within’s Executive Producer of Original Content, Samantha Storr. “We’re utilizing augmented reality to let kids interact with aspirational characters, while actively playing and talking. Our stories tap into children’s natural inclination to learn by doing, and they get the added joy of helping characters along unique journeys.”