One of the defining names in mobile phone industry is making a comeback, and if the promotional video leaked recently is to be trusted, it is going to be with a bang. Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia’s hinted at flagship device, will sport a five camera rear design capable of advanced Augmented Reality potential.

Take any 5 letters, put them in a raffle, and chances are they will spell out ‘Nokia’. Such is the magnetic pull around this name that has been sorely missed from the mobile phone arena. Nokia has defined the industry in so many different ways, and aims to retake it once again. According to a rather persuasive leaked video, the Nokia 9 PureView device will run on Android One, have 5 Zeiss optics rear cameras for immaculate detail, and sport just short of 6 inch display. It would be a setup built perfectly to take AR a level above. Rumors still, but we may hear a lot more about it at January Mobile World Congress.

The video is sure enticing. Nokia is in no business of slowly building up, but as with its mid-range devices show, seeks to sweep the competition with quality. Five cameras would do the trick, as it would allow for advanced 3D and AR effects. Besides the penta-lens rear design capable of letting in 10x more light, Nokia 9 PureView will finally feature the new in-display fingerprint reader. The engine under the hood will be Snapdragon 845, while the 6 gigs of RAM and 128 GB of storage serve to round the hardware.

The story of Nokia is a well-known one, the story of a business empire failing to recognize market pulse. The Finnish company has held the reign over mobile industry the longest, until it crumbled under the weight of its self-assurance. Unwilling to take up Android when it first appeared, Nokia was quickly seen as obsolete under the wave of new brands who embraced this clearly dominant platform. Again not willing to go take it up, now already in a difficult position, Nokia looked to rectify the initial damage by signing up with Microsoft. A series of well-intentioned Windows Lumia phones ensued, but the series proved short-lived. It simply wasn’t enough to support the crumbling empire.

The hour has finally came in 2017, Nokia was once again rebranded now under the umbrella of HMD Global group and with Android as its brains. The comeback was carefully planned; series of low to mid-range phones were released to announce the good news, while setting the stage for the flagship, Nokia 9 PureView to grace the planks. Grace it will, and keep on gracing for minimum of 2 years for those who get it. As with previous Android Nokias, 9 PureView will be receiving updates for 2 years launch on.

Will it be enough to entice new customers into purchase? Augmented Reality enthusiasts, the promise of 5 rear cameras is enough to rear us to interest. No new about the price for Nokia 9 PureView, but what Nokia needs is to be competitive, so outrageous pricing is out of the question. Good to have you back, Nokia.