Last week on 9th August 2018, L’Oréal’s ModiFace made an announcement regarding its partnership with the social media giant ‘Facebook’ to offer new services based on augmented reality through Facebook camera products. The long-term collaboration is expected to give the user an augmented reality experience.

All over the globe, people will have augmented reality experience in makeup try kit with the partnership of ModiFace and Facebook. The kit will be the world’s first makeup kit that will be powered by AR technology. Various leading beauty brands such as Maybelline, Giorgio Armani, L’Oréal Paris, Urban Decay, NYX Professional Makeup, Shu Uemura, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme will have their part to let the user experience a real-time virtual experience.

NYX Professional Makeup will launch the first augmented reality experience by the end of August 2018. The demo of the app can be seen through a Facebook post.

Parham Aarabi the founder and CEO of ModiFace, mentioned in a statement that “the collaboration of ModiFace and Facebook is very relevant for ModiFace as millions of users can have an augmented reality experience to go live on social media platform through Facebook across the globe. This is one of the innovative ways to bring more realistic and straightforward makeup experiences to the users of L’Oréal products”.

Will Platt-Higgins, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Account Partnership commented “that nowadays people are looking for new innovative ideas and experiences to come from the products and services. He further claimed that Facebook’s augmented reality can make people feel reality come true. The partnership between Facebook and ModiFace will give a new shape to the beauty experience and even they are looking for the product to go live.”

Lubomira Rochet, The Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal mentioned that “L’Oréal and Facebook have made a vision of using Augmented Reality technology to become the key factor to make a brand of their product and purchases. Now we are in a situation where technology has the capability enough to do anything and consumers are accepting the technology to use the facilities offered. We are looking to build an innovative product that should come from our long-term collaboration. The team is eagerly waiting to see the innovative product to go live.

L’Oreal has been selling its beauty products for 100 years. It has drastically developed a lot of products that are related to beauty. It has a record of an employee of around 82600 that counts across all branches of the globe with a revenue generation of 26.02 billion Euros in the year 2017. Till now it has a portfolio of around 34 products and the firm has already spread its ventures all over the world. Now it has reached to the world’s leading beauty company with a variety of services like department stores, mass market, pharmacies, drugstores, hair salons etc.

3885 of its people of its research team has dedicated themselves to the work of deploying the best products to meet the beauty requirements across the globe. L’Oreal has also committed that it will be sharing beauty to all the people across its globe by the year 2020.