After Japan, Mario Kart VR has finally come to the west. Mario Kart VR in a London arcade is really a fun. No doubt on it that it’s a shockingly enjoyable wearing VR, but nowadays VR is overtired due to its heavy and sweaty feeling that one has to bear while wearing the VR.

If you haven’t tried Mario Kart VR kit at London arcade, then this article is really meant for you. Here is the manner in which it worked:

There are four driving seats with directing haggles that are set up in the arcade. One can move into any driving seat after which he/she will be suited with tracking sensors on their hands and a headphone with HTC Vive headset.

One can look around the virtual world by moving his head here and there. Since the game involves the participation of four members, one can experience the alternative players participating in the game too.

Once the setup is ready, the required person can prepare himself to start the race. Remember before the light turns green from red you will see two bigger characters that will jump into the front-line, close behind the haughty clucks. Those characters will be ‘Bowser’ and ‘Wario’, the evil counterpart of Mario.

As the lights spun from red to green, one has to bash his foot down on the accelerator. Resolve to beat the bubbling pair. However, when we play Mario Kart on TV the things look nothing like an annoyance.

Mario Kart has become a primary game for many people’s living rooms for a long time but now VR has taken to a new turn. By attaching appropriate dashing wheels, juggles and sofa seats the kit has become more immersive.

Nothing more, it’s that permeate that VR has guaranteed from its start, yet has never completely computed out how to convey at home. One might also sense himself as Yoshi racing face-to-face against other characters. Enjoying VR is always been a good experience still it has a huge platform for games.

One can find Mario Kart VR in the vicinity of Hollywood Bowl located at O2 in London, UK. The same is going to be installed in arcades in Leeds and Tunbridge Wells. Apart from the UK, the Mario Kart VR is also made Available in Japan but it is still uncertain that it will reach the US or Australia.

It is strongly recommended to not to spend much on a Vive headset, and not to forget Thousands on other equipment needed for the gameplay. Whatsoever if you happened to be across an arcade which has the set up of a Mario Kart VR, it is recommended to give it a shot no matter whatever the cost is!