Metastage, offering services such as augmented reality, production for virtual reality, high-quality mixed-reality (MR) capture and holographic etc has been recently reported to be the first ever partner of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Studios from the US. The tie-up between the duo is expected to have opened gates to aesthetic creators in Los Angeles, California.

In today’s technological pace, the companies incline themselves towards making their passive contents more real and augmented, especially when the content involves moving images of humans, birds and such dynamic range of subjects being an essential part of their content experience. The new technology just revolves around how to provide a more ethereal view of the existing immersive slide. Microsoft and Metastage sharing the same platform for the project just raise our standards.

Specialized in creating a stunning lifelike capture, Metastage is capable of bringing every live inch of the subject with full performance into your digital experiences with the help of distinct capture and oriental methods. All this give users the best ever real-life holographic, Virtual reality (VR) and (AR) Augmented reality out of the world experiences in any handset you own.

“The studio, Metastage is recording the instant live shades and performance that enable viewing of each and every detail as if the subject is right in front of your eyes,” explains CEO Of Metastage, Christina Heller.

She added, “The powerful experiences are not at all limited to the screen irrespective of the handset you use, the powerful action can be viewed on any of the screens whether 2D or 3D or simply your mobile screen, the presentation makes you feel lively and would compel you to go and touch them, like many of the company people already have.”

The Mixed Reality capture of things is a very precise volumetric carryout of activity, producing through varied vision cameras that are presently more than one hundred in the shooting place, with a 12 MP inducing vision cameras to be perfectly capable of giving clearer experience than what human eye experiences in real. The high-quality aspects and 3D surround maintain it’s standards and every detail on a small compressed version of a file too.

Producing content that includes every aspect of human emotions, expressions, and even the tiniest detail is the major foundation in creating any AR, VR content more attractive and reality-based. The precision capture adds up value to the technology since it creates a real presence in front of your eyes which many creators still strive for.

The company further added – the mission of Metastage remains to bring MR solutions onto an accessible platform that is reliable and can be experienced by creators from any field for a more real-life experience.

While this remains the first time for the US, Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studio has already debuted in the UK by Hammerhead VR and Digital Catapult. The companies came together in 2017 and joined hands for their Dimension Studio.