Getting a soothing massage or skin-improving facial is a great way to treat yourself to something special. Natura Blissé is a Barcelona-based skin treatment company that Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace (Nobu Hotel) uses to treat spa visitors during their stay.

The luxury spa offers unique skin and body treatments, as well as an accompanying VR experience, called Mindful Touch for guests looking to unwind with a little help from technology.

100-minutes of Bliss

The entire Natura Blissé treatment lasts for 100-minutes where guests melt away stress and tension with a massage and skin care treatment. The Mindful Touch experience goes for 10-minutes and includes earth, air, fire, water, and metal element details throughout the virtual journey.

Travel + Leisure’s Erin Ryan paints a picture of the virtual getaway as it “transports clients to a realm of raw nature, eye-popping vistas evoking the elements through wind-whipped clouds and lush forests, cracked earth and molten rock.”

The VR treatment projects relaxing imagery in the headset and uses the concept of mindfulness to guide guests into a tranquil mental and physical state. Guests are told to focus on their breathing, scents, how their body feels, and what’s going on at the moment.

This is especially helpful for on-the-go types that aren’t used to a masseuse unraveling tight knots. It’s also helpful to stay calm when an aesthetician is cleansing and moisturizing your skin until it glows. The whole point is to enjoy yourself.  

VR Helps Guests Let Go

Credit to: Natura Blissé

The website says that guests who immerse in Mindful Touch during spa treatments “can better appreciate the physical sensations, textures, temperature changes, pressure maneuvers, the effects on their skin… so that they will fully enjoy the present moment, for a more intense experience of the treatment.”

A mix of massage, skin care, and their VR experience “inhibits cortisol levels, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. With each gentle touch and massage pressure, some of the millions of the skin receptors awaken while producing wonderful calm and serene sensations.”

A 100-minute long getaway with VR imagery, guided mindfulness, and sensations from pampering are an effective way to rejuvenate the tired right out of a person. However, it’s important to note that all guests experience Mindful Touch differently. So, what relaxes one person might energize another. Which means, go in with an open mind.

VR Technology is Emerging Everywhere

VR is so versatile in its usefulness that yoga and meditation classes have been held on AltspaceVR. Fans of the digital side to self-care can also head into Guided Meditation VR (Cubicle Ninjas) and Satori Sounds VR (ZCat Systems) to gain inner peace at home.

New Yorkers even saw an ASMR spa called The Oddly Satisfying Spa emerge as limited run experience. The trendy pop-up delighted guests with VR visuals, massages, art installments, and other sensation-based activities.

How Much is It?

Surely we can’t always live like kings and queens, but when its possible, guests that travel to Sin City can treat themselves to Natura Blissé’s skin masks on their hands, feet, and back and also get a “Cinderella Lift” facial.

The NOBU GO package is retailing for $555 and comes with Natura Blissé treatments and also a travel gift to take home.