We love learning about how VR technology is changing how we look into assessing and treating brain health. Without a healthy and high-performing brain, athletes wouldn’t be able to keep up on the court. Today, SyncThink is announcing that they’ll be partnering with the NBA’s Washington Wizards!

Courtside Brain Assessments

Credit to: SyncThink

The professional basketball team will be working with SyncThink to gain insight into player’s brain health using neurotechnology. More specifically, the team will begin using the tool to assess and track fatigue and its effects on a player’s brain throughout a season.

Every team has staff that helps them on and off the court. If a player gets injured they can go to them for assistance. Now, trained staff will work with players using SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC assessment tool, which are 60-second assessments, that will help gauge and monitor players brain health.

“We are excited to partner with SyncThink, and eager to incorporate the EYE-SYNC technology as additional objective measures into how we assess high performance and monitor fatigue as part of our comprehensive player management system,” said, Steve Smith, Senior Director of Health, Wellness, and Performance for the Washington Wizards.

Being on a professional sports team and traveling for high-stakes away games to different locations and time zones would throw anyone off their best game. Getting ahead of fatigue of the mind and body is essential in keeping players on top of their game and health.

Without enough sleep or energy to practice and compete among the best in the nation, players are potentially more susceptible to injury. It’s especially tough on a player who has had a fall or impact that’s affected their brain and dynamic vision.

Imagine how challenging and even dangerous it would be to focus with a healing or undiagnosed concussion, or being exhausted from traveling and running up and down the court, defending, passing, and shooting the ball. SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC helps with assessing a player’s eyes so coaches and staff can make quick decisions that could help players stay in the game or get the rest they need.

Game Ready

Teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors are two basketball teams who’ve brought SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC courtside to assess helpful eye-tracking metrics. Tracking the eyes for readiness helps teams measure the risk of injury a player with low dynamic vision will have and also aids the player and the team before they practice or play in a game.

“We are really excited about this collaboration with the Wizards,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. “They have a very clear plan about how they will implement the EYE-SYNC technology, and how it can improve performance across the organizations.”

“While we are already identifying some interesting datasets in the NBA, we are hopeful about uncovering, even more, working with both staffs. With three pro teams on the platform, we are seeing a clear trend in basketball to use proactive monitoring of fatigue and readiness to optimize performance and minimize injury.”

The FDA approved VR tracking and analytics system, SyncThink EYE-SYNC, can measure ocular motor impairment, vestibular-balance dysfunction, cognitive fatigue, as well as a headache and cervical spine assessments in just a few moments using a VR headset and a mobile device.