Shepard Fairey is a global and guerilla street artist, muralist, and art icon who has just launched a VR and AR art experience named “DAMAGED”. With support from VRt Ventures, a VR application studio that unites art with technology, and Juxtapoz Magazine, a contemporary art, culture, and design publication, Fairey’s largest-ever fine art exhibition is now preserved for VR, AR, and mobile device viewing!

AR/VR — Street, Political, and Social Art

Spotted on city walls throughout the U.S. is Fairey’s “Andre the Giant has a Posse”. It’s the image that started it all.

Fairey has an eye for imagery that sparks social and political discussion. The artist unveiled the iconic portrait “Hope” of our now 44th president, Barack Obama, in 2008.

Fairey’s and Amplifier’s “We The People” series made worldwide waves in 2017 with political and social imagery. Art pieces from the series rallied behind Women’s Marches and other social and political rallies.

The duo is collaborating again soon with their “We The Future” campaign. The partnership will support not only social and political change, but it will also unite for arts and educational tools for children.

Presently, “DAMAGED” is Fairey’s latest body of work and the largest of his solo art exhibitions so far. The AR and VR art experience takes place in a virtual exhibit where visitors can view and learn about Fairey’s beautiful, revealing, and thought-provoking works of art.  

“DAMAGED” AR and VR Art Experience

Fairey in his studio working on the “DAMAGED” exhibition. Credit to: Shepard Fairey via Obey Giant

With Shepard Fairey as the docent, Oculus, Samsung Gear, Steam VR, iOS (Apple), and Android (Google Play) users will not only view his art pieces and hear the artist discuss the stories behind the art, they’ll get to keep it forever.

VR headset users can use their motion controllers, while mobile users simply hold and drag their screen or tap to walk around the “DAMAGED” application with 100 minutes of narration.

Jacob Koo, CEO and Founder of VRt Ventures, and team “are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Shepard Fairey on this project as his visionary thinking is so aligned with ours”.

“Our vision, which Shepard is helping us move forward, is to turn every museum, gallery and art exhibition into a virtual reality experience through our mobile app, preserving and archiving amazing exhibits, democratizing art and making it available for people all over the world to experience.”

Creating socially significant digital AR and VR content like “DAMAGED” for both mobile and virtual reality devices is transformative and innovative. Broader digital access gives Fairey’s art a wider reach across our society as a whole.

“As an artist, I understand that no matter how much time I put into a solo exhibition, there is only a finite amount of time that people can experience it in person before it goes away forever,” said Shepard Fairey.

“In partnering with VRt Ventures, I am excited to know that art fans all around the world will be able to experience my largest solo exhibit to date in a profoundly powerful way through the “DAMAGED” mobile app even though they weren’t able to make it to Los Angeles where it debuted last year.”

The groundbreaking artist and partners are bridging the gap between technology and distance together. Saying, “Making art accessible is very important to me and I am happy to partner with VRt Ventures who share my philosophy.”

Buy and Visit!

Get the “DAMAGED” mobile app for $4.99 at the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. VR fans, download it on Oculus, Steam VR, and on Samsung Gear.

If you’re in New York City on October 17th to the 21st see “DAMAGED” VR and AR exhibit at 136 Bowery.

Watch Shepard Fairey’s “DAMAGED” trailer below!