AR shopping has justified the label as the next big ecommerce thing. Yet we were still one patent away from true integration into Web browsers that would bring seamless Augmented Reality online shopping to the masses. No longer, as the Canada-based NextTech has managed to integrate its Web AR solution into the likes of Shopify, Magento, and WordPress.

NexTech has got there first. Augmented reality online shopping has been screaming for patent like this. The ecommerce industry has been ripe for AR for some time, and will soon deliver the goods. NextTech Web AR shopping integration reached the stage of easy integration with 3 web shopping juggernauts, which together account for 90% of ecommerce. This is a huge step towards full-scale AR impregnation of online shopping.

NexTech CEO Evan Cappelberg seems to agree with us: ‘with this full integration of our web enabled AR, NexTech has created elegant, seamless and game changing AR shopping solution’. Far from being the self-contained end product, the solution is ‘setting the stage for the rapid adoption of AR into the ecommerce landscape’. The Nextech Augmented Reality online shopping solution comes as online sales themselves have no intention of going down. In fact, research show that they are booming.

The solution’s biggest draw is that it is simple. For years the barrier that separated AR shopping and AR shoppers was the pest necessity of AR-enabled app. Installing the apps proved too much to ask, and the rationale to integrate AR into web browsers became the imperative. This done, it is down to penning the dals with big online shoppers. ‘Integration with Shopify, WordPress and Magento is a big step forward’, Evan Cappelberg further agrees, ‘moving us rapidly out of beta and closer to the global launch of our web enabled AR ecommerce platform.’ The company’s solution is compatible with all the major web browsers, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox among them.

NexTech AR Online Shopping Solution Takes off with Shopify, Magento, and WordPress

Not only is web shopping business booming, it is doing so partly because of the early adoption of Augmented Reality. Online businesses like Alibaba are recognizing and moving towards the new web shopping frontline. So are the retailers; IKEA has been gleefully improving sales through AR support, something that furniture business seem well suited for. Starbucks, Houzz, Walmart, they all enjoy the benefits of early adoption, Houzz is for instance reporting that the sales conversion rate with AR app is more than 10x better when compared to regular, while Walmart keeps finding new ways to sneak AR in.

With app-less Augmented Reality online shopping though, businesses will hardly be able to afford being left out. ‘Our integrations run deep’, NexTech COO Reuben Tozman holds, ‘allowing for single click buying right from the AR experience itself’. Just as aforementioned retail businesses have the advantage of early adoption, so NexTech does as the first provider of technology. With no intention to settle, the company is making moves in the space of holographic shopping assistance, as well as AI shopping. Let Reuben Tozman’s words hover over as a conclusion: ‘our technology solidifies us as the first mover in the AR eComm space’.