Cannabis is a green industry with a projected worth of $75 billion by 2030, reports Cowen & Co. Now legalized in 10 states, cannabis’ budding industry and its innovators recognize the powerful growth solution that Augmented Reality can provide to help drive business sales and boost user’s experience.

Growing Cannabusiness with Augmented Reality

Credit to: NexTech AR/ARitize

NexTech AR Solutions Inc. is a company that has an Apple and Android mobile AR app that cannabusiness owners will want to check out. Their app, ARitize, gives businesses, growers, and shop owners a platform that helps provide cannabis consumers with information on specific strains and the devices needed to consume them.

ARitize is an app with sections or channels devoted to cannabis and other businesses that are looking to entertain and also educate their channel’s visitors. When the Cannabis section gets brought up in the app, users scan a QR code or enter in a code to access information about cannabis products.

This kind of AR technology is a valuable informational tool for cannabusinesses, growers, dispensaries, and also consumers. The app has the potential to help those in charge of cultivation, packaging, and distribution upload 3D images of a particular flower, strain, edible, tincture, or concentrate and assign its benefits, THC and CBD ratios, and other helpful facts that would make the users experience with cannabis more enjoyable.

Get Informed with ARitize

As any cannabis connoisseur will tell you, there’s more to cannabis than an eye-catching or trendy nickname. CFN Media Group says, “There are so many choices at most dispensaries that it can be challenging for new consumers to know where to start or who to trust. Some dispensaries are even moving away from strain names to eliminate some of this confusion.”

To help with this, ARitize is working on a Buddy the Budtender feature. Cannabusinesses can use this feature to help new and even experienced customers learn more about the flower, edible, or vaporizer they’re purchasing and then going to use. The Budtender feature allows brand ambassadors, budtenders, master growers, and anyone who’s knowledgeable about cannabis to appear as an AR hologram on mobile screens.

To make the process of attaining cannabis a simpler experience for everyone, CFN Media Group thinks that ARitize can “dramatically improve short-term sales through greater engagement with the customer, as well as long-term relationships by helping customers find products that accurately satisfy their medical or recreational needs.”

AR and Mobile Ordering in the Future?

Looking to make things even more simplistic and accessible for customers and businesses, ARitize says, “In the future, transactions could even occur directly through the smartphone.” Mobile purchases could be a real future for the company, especially with more states rallying behind medical and adult recreational use.

In 2018, businesses like Dominos Pizza have been successful in increasing user engagement with their brand by dishing out their new interactive AR and mobile ordering feature which lets the customer design their perfect pizza. Walmart has also begun using an augmented reality price scanner which allows shoppers to price check items before purchase.

Cannabusinesses are taking note of these advances in AR technology and are making applications that get users and the supply chain interacting with products in a brand-new way.