It is high time for the VR Universe order to restore the balance. The void that the broadcasting company NextVR inexplicably left open has finally been filled. To utter satisfaction of Oculus Rift and Go headset owners, they can now watch the VR broadcast on their favorite devices.

NextVR, a Virtual Reality event live streaming company, is usually very mindful of what customers want. The company’s has been polishing its VR broadcasting to include higher resolution, sharper textures, and a much better camera placement. Everything was going smooth and VR live events broadcasts were becoming increasingly spectacular but for that one roadblock. Oculus Rift. In the extensive list of supported headsets NextVR excluded this particular one, a void that has been noted by dissatisfied Rift users since. Other supported devices include PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Samsung Gear VR, Windows MR, and Google Daydream.

But the injustice has been remedied now. Officially so. Oculus Rift and Oculus Go are both on the list of NextVR supported eyewear. The broadcaster’s CEO David Cole came out saying that they are answering to the outcry of VR users bereft of the VR broadcast experience from his company. Oculus users can now head to the store and download the app they have so yearningly wanted.

Oculus, Rift and Go both, has been recognized as one of the most worth-your-buck VR solutions on the market. Only a couple of day ago Walmart announced that they will be using Oculus Go headsets to train their staff nationwide. But Rift is nevertheless left out from VR streaming for some reason, even by Oculus themselves. There is no credible explanation to this, but at least the tables are turning with the NextVR broadcast support. Hopefully Oculus we are on point to put the Rift live stream hiccup to rest.

What of NextVR themselves? NextVR is a sports and entertainment streaming platform that makes use of the latest of what Virtual Reality has to offer. Since the company’s foundation in 2009, their users have enjoyed such various VR broadcast events ranging from live concerts, presidential debates, and sports events of any sort. The reactions have been stellar and audience seems to grow with each new season. NBA, NFL, and WWE seem to the crowd favorites.

NextVR is very much the leader in a developing VR broadcasting scene. They are keeping up with and following the development of VR headsets. According to CEO David Cole ‘more advanced headsets slated to ship in the future will take even greater advantage of this new VR broadcast technology’. This may or may not mean that very soon we will be having VR streams where users can move around in a VR broadcast. Fingers crossed to this one.

The company is certainly moving in the right direction. The Oculus Rift inclusion among supported VR broadcast headsets signals that they are listening. Listening and acting on what VR community wants. We certainly could use a few more of those.