VR gaming is reaching full swing. Xbox may not be in it right now, but other consoles are looking to cash in on the Virtual Reality hype. And Nintendo Switch enthusiasts among the more, well, curious ones. Independent of Nintendo, the Canadian company Exklim has created a VR-esque headset for Switch. Though not really checking all Virtual Reality boxes, the so-called NS Glasses VR headset is an interesting piece of gear nonetheless.

Nintendo Switch VR Headset

If not a little too interesting. VR is so out there that even hybrids are starting to come along. Because that’s what the Switch VR headset is – a rather imaginative approximation of a true VR experience. It has all the bearings of a proper Virtual Reality eyewear and comes as a system exclusive item, but it still falls short of being one. Nevertheless, Exklim has went great lengths to give us one the first Switch passive 3D headsets worthy of the status. Very affordable, too.


Only if it weren’t that bulky. At first glance the NS Glasses look a little heavy on the head. Especially if the intent is to play for a few hours a sitting. Willing to give this a non-critical pass – after all, the cryout for a proper Switch VR headset has been very vocal – the NS Glasses VR headset is a respectable Nintendo Switch hardware add-on. First off, it is compatible with virtually every Switch title out there. Secondly, the comfort bit is addressed by adjustable headband and squishy face pads. Locking mechanism proves its merit by both sticking NS Glasses to your head and leaving the necessary holes. And lastly, NS Glasses allow room for charging Joy-Cons during play. It is all properly balanced and skillfully presented, with no rough edges besides the visual bulkiness of the headset.

Nintendo Switch VR? NS Glasses VR Headset May Have the AnswerAll neat and clean in the hardware department, NS Glasses VR headset looks and feels good enough. What about software, though? We already cleared the air by stating that it isn’t exactly Virtual Reality. What is it then?

A 3D illusion of a 2D picture in short. The VR Glasses are run by color switching technology that allows for the image to appear three-dimensional even though it is not. Through smart color interplay, NS Glasses are able to give impression of real 3D depth. It even marks a visual improvement to the 720p resolution of Switch. NS Glasses take it beyond the pixel cap and by ‘smoothing the pixels count’ provides sharper image. It looks decent enough.

Doubts start to creep in when games are concerned. NS Glasses VR is compatible with all the Nintendo titles out there, but without the official Nintendo support, it is questionable whether the situation will last. There is never going to be a 100% bulletproof Nintendo compatibility.

Because, apparently, Nintendo does not have anything to do with this. NS Glasses VR headset is all Exklim and the Switch community who sought the support out. Not the only one of its kind out there, the NS Glasses may be the most accomplished Nintendo Switch VR headset this side of Virtual Reality. Good enough.