Nreal, the consumer mixed reality glasses manufacturer has a special announcement. Their nreal light’s are stylish frames that are 5G compatible with smartphones equipped with Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 855 and Snapdragon XR Optimized. This makes their content viable with volumetric and panoramic mixed reality content.

The snazzy nreal light glasses are being positioned as MR wearables that can be taken wherever your phone goes. The company wants to make its glasses part of our everyday lives and for indoor and outdoor use by starting with their Qualcomm partnership.

Qualcomm will embed their 5G processors in newer and more efficient mobile phone models. This way, nreal’s users can gain access to the wearable’s powerful and data intense panoramic video and volumetric content without high latency.

Image credit to: nreal

The 6DoF glasses use the USB-C compatible computing unit to supply content and a single 3DoF controller to interact with mixed reality. The 6DoF tracking works with the smartphone to provide simultaneous localization and mapping, plane detection, and object recognition.

The freedom to walk, move, and experience life as it is, while having a mixed reality layer added to what users see is just as important as the content seen through the lenses. Having glasses that don’t obstruct users eyesight but assist them as they go about their daily lives with errands, work, and accentuate adventure is essential.

Currently, nreal is at 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain where guests can demo the tech at Qualcomm and LG U+ booths. If you’re looking to get your hands on nreal glasses the company shares a tidbit that they will “soon [be] available for mass production and consumption.”

The future is a ways away, but nreal says that we can look forward to mixed reality games to keep us company (while we’re not driving) instead of staring at our phones and away from the world. With these glasses the world is around you, it just has 3D digital images that only you can see.

They also detail that the glasses will let us view and hear holographic video calls that will change how we chat with friends and family, as well as how we use technology to improve our work flow.

Who’s going to supply the content? nreal says, “In collaboration from Qualcomm ecosystem platform providers, SenseTime and NetEase AR will develop and bring the first set of mixed reality content as well as more AR capabilities for nreal light.”

nreal’s partnership with Qualcomm and LG U+ makes upgrading to a 5G phone a smoother sell for those looking to join the wearables pathway to growth. Getting a next-level phone gives you a gateway to next-gen smart glasses and a biting edge on bringing the tech into our everyday lives.

“Qualcomm is spearheading the next breakthrough in mobile connectivity with 5G and immersive computing with XR, while LG U+ is forward-thinking by offering value-added compatible next-gen content that extends the capability of smartphones,” said Chi Xu, Founder and CEO of nreal.

“With Qualcomm and LG U+’ support, nreal will make it easier than ever to make mixed reality accessible by offering a hardware platform that lowers the barriers to entry through a comfortable form factor, high-quality display and an affordable price.”

Foldable at the temples, weighing 85 grams, and a 52-degree FOV with 1080p resolution makes these glasses a tech fiend’s and developer’s gadget to keep an eye on.