Oculus Rift headsets got an update that launched the new Public Homes feature for the platform. Public Homes has made its way through Rift Public Test Channel and is now live for all Rift users. Those with a flair for decoration can now fix up their home with new items as well.

Make Your Home as Unique as You

Earlier this month, Oculus announced that they’d be rolling out their Public Homes update. The Rift community has already been able to invite and host friends at their virtual home, and now anyone else can come hang out. For those Oculus users that are still rocking the original Home setup, you’ll want to get creative with it and customize your digital dwelling so it reflects your personality.

If you like space, add a planetary background. Want it to be Halloween year around? Turn on background music that’s spooky but playful. Do you like to win and compete? Show off and take pride in those game trophies and achievements by putting them where visitors can see them.

There are so many unique items users can add to their Oculus Homes to transform it into a place you’ll want to let the community see. There are plants, trinkets, posters, furniture, and so many things that will really make your Home uniquely yours.

If you want to visit other community members Homes you can go to the Places tab in the Home menu. Since there were testers who demoed it on the Test Channel there are plenty of Homes to tour. It’s important to know that even if your Home isn’t open for viewing you can still view others that are open.

Concerns of privacy and behavior reporting are major issues for gamers and casual experiencers alike. Oculus says, “As host, you have full control over the guest list: you can accept or decline any request to see your place, and you can disable the “Public” option at any time. You can also report abusive behavior, mute visitors, and more, from inside Rift.”

New Decorations for Oculus Home!

Image credit to: Oculus

Bohemian chic is full of textures, patterns, and colors that are intruiging to the eye and imagination. Oculus released a 24-piece Boho Furniture Collection onto the platform that free-spirited individuals or those with an eye for offbeat furnishings to decorate their Home with.

Inviting chairs, storage to put things on top of, wall art, pillows, and rugs are some of the things you can already add to your Home. Now, there’s more designs and options to go around. Personally, if I was going to choose furniture for my home wooden crate boxes wouldn’t be it. That is unless they were holding vinyl records in them.

Some people choose to upgrade their homes in modern and contemporary, while others go for the boho look. Others gravitate to design that celebrates their gamer-ness, while others make it a home away from home. There are many ways to design an Oculus Home, how will yours look?