When signing into Oculus Rift you probably just had a huge update and then probably had to update your drivers and Java. You know the deal. The reason why: Oculus Home just skyrocketed out of Beta and up to Full Release! There’s also a system update, Dash, and Home changes, and some spooky fun extras you’ll want to know about for the month of October!

OculusUpdates for Home, Dash, and Fun Updates

Like many of you, I was surprised by the recent Oculus updates that brought Rift users into the newest version. Before the update, we bought and downloaded VR games and apps from the Oculus Store in Home, but now are able to access it with the new Dash system interface.

Now, Dash is able to be brought up and displayed like a floating panel whenever you want to access it by pressing the Oculus button on your Touch controller. No plain white screen! Dash also allows for a virtual desktop to be reached which is helpful when you need to access other windows or apps.

Presently, up to 8 friends with granted access can now visit your Home and join you in a meetup. You can also visit them in return! Perfect for showing off that fancy new beard, outfit, hat, or art piece you hung on the wall.

The Oculus updates include Home and Dash being compatible with Windows 10 (the minimum operating system). Without a Windows 10 update, your VR rig is not going to keep up with a majority of exciting features, apps, and games, and won’t work at all without jittering.

Fun and Fresh Oculus Updates

Speaking of fresh features, Oculus is introducing customizable and animated items to use while in Oculus Home, for avatars, and some acting as visual achievements for specific games. Users can even upload 3D assets into the system to add more style and individuality to your Home.

Oculus says, “we’re introducing Custom Developer Items, like animated objects, sculptures, trophies, and avatar clothing, so you can showcase unique achievements from your favorite games and apps.”

VR games like Loco Dojo, Moss, Superhot VR, Echo Arena, Arizona Sunshine, and OrbusVR are only a few of the participating games that are getting special Custom Developer Items. Right now, there are 32 unlockable items.

About these Oculus updates, they announced that “This new software release marks the culmination of months of work and the start of an exciting new phase for Rift. From here, we’ll continue to evolve features and functionality on a monthly basis.”

Spooky Decorations Update!

Join the pumpkin sculpting contest! Credit to: Oculus

Love Halloween? Dress your Home up in Spooky Home Decor until October 31st for special seasonal items. The reward packs are awesome but there’s also a Pumpkin Sculpting Contest that you’ll want to be a part of. Road to VR reports that the deadline is October 21st at 11:59 pm Pacific Time and participants will use the Oculus app Medium to create 3D jack-o-lanterns.

The jack-o-lantern judges will decide who wins based on “a 100 point system; 30 points go to design creativity and uniqueness, 30 points go to interpretation and clarity of theme to the judges/viewers, 30 points go to the structural integrity (if 3D printed and imported into Oculus Home), and the final 10 go to presentation.”

Check the link above for rules to win!