There’s nothing quite like playing action-packed or even casual and educational games with your friends in VR. San Leandro-based PhaseSpace has a 6-DoF Impulse X2 Motion Tracking system that helps location-based entertainment (LBE) businesses track VR headsets and game props. The tracking system also helps gaming studios record fast-moving bodies for video games.

6DoF Indoor and Outdoor Tracking

PhaseSpace is doing something that once seemed impossible. Their VR tracking system can host multiplayer gaming sessions without frequent adjustment from venues. The versatile trackers are used inside and outdoors, which was once unheard of. 

Jaeger Slaughter, Account Executive of PhaseSpace, shared with us that the versatile tracking system, “captures the position of up to 512 LED markers in one single space.” Remarkably, “The Impulse X2 system can also track at 960 frames a second, faster can any graphics card or screen on the market.”

The company uses Active LED Markers that individually track a guests body movement in free roam VR and then project it inside the game. It also has the capability to capture dynamic movements like fight scenes, running, and dancing for virtual cinematography. Trackers are also placed on props like fake funs, shields, guitars, and are used with haptic vests for deeper immersion.

Their unique marker system, “oscillates its power output at a unique pattern, giving every marker its own ID and making marker swapping (and VR sickness) a thing of the past.” The systems low latency, which runs “At 36,000 x 36,000 sub-pixel resolution with less than 3 milliseconds of latency” has smooth tracking and accuracy. Two necessities that create a comfortable experience for elite players and those that are new to it.

Who’s Already Using the PhaseSpace Tracking?

Virtual Reality Park at Dubai Mall partnered with Star VR and Emaar Development Group and uses PhaseSpace Impulse X2 Tracking for guest entertainment. Motion Technologies created an LBE game series called Black Badge Outpost VR and Black Badge Signal that work with the technology. Even Pendulum Studios used the tracking and marker system for Red Faction: Armageddon and for Captain America: Super Soldier games.

TriHelix has VR games like Planet Whack and Resistor, which are movement heavy games with props to engage with their virtual environment. PhaseSpace also has an interactive educational experience called Aquarium Earth that teaches guests about ocean life. Proving that their system can handle just about any type of game and accommodates a wide range of visitors.

PhaseSpace 6DoF Tracking has 10 camera systems that start at $25,000 and can support up to 50 at a time. The tech has “taken technology originally developed for the US Navy and created the highest performing tracking technology in the industry and introduced it to the commercial, educational and industrial industries.” It’s also been used to track body movement in medical settings as well.

Watch Black Badge Outpost VR gameplay footage of the tracking system in use!

Find Out More About PhaseSpace

To inquire about PhaseSpace and Impulse X2 Tracking system visit their website at the link at the top. You can also visit the PhaseSpace Contact page at the link for more information about a demo.