Poker VR from Mega Particle is a live poker game for VR that just got a Mutant Update to celebrate Halloween. This update package includes an improved tournament system, new avatars, gifts that players can buy, and other exciting extras. Poker VR is a multiplayer and cross-platform with Oculus Go, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift.

The Mutant Update

Ace poker players who aren’t green at the game and even players interested in learning the card game are getting a special Halloween treat. Players are able to sit down for tournaments and make friends with other players who have different VR headsets than the one they own.

The game’s update also got reality bending animal-human hybrid avatars that were based on the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. The CEO of Mega Particle, Hamza Sidiqqui, says, “BoJack Horseman has done an amazing job delivering a serious yet fun narrative with humanoid characters that have animal facial features.”

“We thought we’d like to look like a tiger (or a horse) instead of plain old us, so that was that. I think VR needs to represent more of the impossible than just replicate reality—unrealistic ways of expressing yourself seemed like a fun way to try,” the CEO said on Oculus’ blog.

Fans of Poker VR might also get more avatars to wear in the near future, letting fans see each other’s personalities come through more in the game. Players recently celebrated a two-day event that brought a UFO into the casino that changes things up.

Another part of the update allows players to gift themselves and gift each other with special items like, “a bubble gun that shoots bubbles, a cigar to smoke with class, a party horn to annoy players, and more. More gifts are on the way, too,” says Sidiqqui.

Watch the Poker VR Mutant Trailer!

Poker VR Championship

Fans of the game also got a tournament update that focuses on table re-balancing. Poker players now only press one button to enter into the tournament, get assigned a seat, and move up or down in the tournament ladder according to how well or poorly they do.   

Sidiqqui adds, “We have been fine-tuning this algorithm over the last couple of months with real data. There is now an active notification system that tells you about major play changes like blind level increase and there is an active info center in the middle of the casino that gives you real-time information about the tournament, like your current rank, players left, and average pot size.”

On October 21st, poker players had a chance to win $5000 in prizes at the Poker VR Championship. First place won a $2000 Amazon Gift Card, a hat, trophy, t-shirt, and an Oculus GO. While 2nd and 3rd got gift cards, prizes, and an Oculus GO as well. With 4th and 5th receiving gift cards and other prizes. Phil Hellmuth, 15-time World Series of Poker Champion was also at the event!

“Players taking part in the Poker VR championship qualified for positions over two months of qualifier tournaments. This really represents the best of the best in poker.” the CEO said in the Oculus interview.