Ralph Breaks the Internet is opening the same day as Ralph Breaks VR — on November 21st, announces Walt Disney World News. The Virtual Reality and multisensory experience will take place at The Void venues in 4 U.S. locations with more venues expected in Canada where guests get to play two exciting VR games.

Step Inside Ralph Breaks VR

The Void and ILMxLAB have banded together to create Ralph Breaks VR and its 2 new games Dunderdome and Pancake Milkshake Diner. Guests visit The Void at their Anaheim and Glendale, California locations, and can also experience it in Las Vegas and in Orlando.

The high-caliber VR location-based entertainment duo successfully hosted Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The intergalactic VR experience has interactive sets, special effects, and haptic technology that transformed guests into characters who had to work together as a team to play the game.

Guests of Ralph Breaks VR will play on a team of 4 and take on the role of a “Netizen”, which is the name for the film’s internet characters. The goal is to help Ralph and Vanellope play Dunderdome, a flying droid elimination game, and Pancake Milkshake Diner, a food fighting game.

The Pancake Milkshake game is based on a scene in the movie where Ralph finds a game on the internet and gets carried away by it, essentially stuffing the game’s characters to their brim. This year, Noovie built an Augmented Reality app for guests to play before watching the new movie. Guests that download the Noovie app can stuff bunnies and kitties full of goodies playing Pancake Milkshake Café for a score.

Io9 Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier reports that the game Dunderdome is like a reimagined version of the old arcade game Space Invaders for the 21st century. He says, “in virtual reality, you are literally inside that game, firing a huge cannon at little aliens zipping all around with Ralph and Vanellope offering commentary the whole time. It’s immersive and wild, and that’s just the beginning.”

Ralph Breaks VR — Multisensory VR Entertainment

Ralph Breaks VR, is a multisensory VR experience where guests wear a headset that will transform them into a Netizen character. The wearable haptic gear and interactive props respond to players virtual interactions in real time.

Humorously, once players become these virtual characters they can also see their friends, family members, and other guests become cartoon avatars. They also touch and interact with Ralph and Vanellope’s world, where they blast droids or throw down in a food fight.

“There is nothing more magical than stepping inside a rich animated world – especially one filled with color, life, humor and delightful characters as is the case with Ralph Breaks the Internet,” said Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge at ILMxLAB.

“The upcoming launch of this project marks another successful collaboration between ILMxLAB and The VOID, with the incredible opportunity to work alongside the talented teams at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Ralph Breaks VR is an experience that brings a smile to your face and the desire to have another go around with friends and family.”