Shopify is riding the AR tide by utilizing Apple’s Quick Look to deliver the true AR shopping experience. With primarily small businesses in mind, Shopify allows merchants to showcase 3D models of their stock. The new shopping experience will be accessible directly through Apple’s Safari Web browser.

Apple’s iOS 12 is all about Augmented Reality. The new ARKit 2 platform comes with a set of nifty features to help developers make the most of mobile AR. One industry that looks particularly ripe for Augmented Reality is commerce. Speaking of which, Shopify is among those seeking to capitalize on the emerging technology. Thanks to the ARKit 2, Shopify can now develop a true AR shopping palette to help small businesses. Removing the need for apps, the e-commerce platform is also in the business of anticipating the future shopping trends.

With Shopify AR, buyers can now scrutinize products however, and as long as they want. AR shopping spree will include viewing the 3D model of a wanted product, zooming in and out as they see fit. Buyers can even place a product within a desired background to see whether it fits well with their idea. And the best part? All of it can be done directly via Safari browser, without the need to run any additional apps. People are ever more reluctant to install apps and keep them installed, so if there is any real desire for AR shopping to spread wings it will have to be through Web browsers. And Safari is responsible for more than half the US mobile browser traffic meaning that the AR will be seamlessly available to many.

Shopify merchants have picked up the cue and started getting down to business. Pure Cycles is one of the companies that have started making Quick Look models some time ahead of the iOS 12 lunch. ‘For the people that want to go down and read through every spec in that spec list, they can now just quickly pop the bike up in front of them to examine’ says Jordan Schau, the co-founder of Pure Cycles. While seeing the actual product in person is still the best option, AR is very much the middle ground between that and simply going through the specs.

HORNE is another one of Shopify AR early adopters. Like HORNE, other-only, no-brick-and-mortar shops will reap the most benefit from Augmented Reality shopping. Co-running a home furnishing sale business, Ryan Walker admits: ‘You’d be surprised how many times people take snapshot of their room, send it to us and ask, ‘Hey would this lamp look good?’ Seeing the product in action (home), AR shopping is sure to increase the percentage of satisfied customers. This will also have reverberations in reducing the returns, according to Ryan Walker.

AR shopping is getting big. Shopify has more than half a million merchants under its belly. With Walmart getting closer to true VR commerce and Shopify hitting the mark with AR Web browser shopping, we are safe to assume that the shopaholic revolution in well under way.