Augmented Reality wearables are quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Wearables are making lots of headroom in AR with athletics and are now giving riders on the road information. SKULLY Technologies is the designer and manufacturer of the FENIX AR, a skull saving and functional smart motorcycle helmet.

Futuristic FENIX AR Motorcycle Helmet

AR displays are getting a lot of attention across various industries. There are glasses that athletes wear to improve their cycling and golfing skills. Automotive companies like Porsche and Hyundai are aiming to get AR car windshields into cars by 2020.

The SKULLY FENIX AR helmet is one of the techiest and good looking biker helmets out right now with matte, arctic, or raw carbon finishes. It looks sleek and futuristic as if taken out of a sci-fi film. Don’t worry, its carbon fiber shell is there to protect your skull, while the pinlock visor and anti-fog lens keep the sun and other elements out of your eyes and face.


Credit to: SKULLY Technologies

Most riders choose to attach cameras to the top of their helmets. Some do it for security and insurance purposes, while some just like to film their travel routes for fun.

The FENIX AR helmet is equipped with a 180-degree rearview camera located near the right eye and a see-through lens that provides “360-degrees of situational awareness”, says their statement. Perfect for blind spots!

The heads-up display (HUD) lets riders view camera footage as its happening. Riders use a voice-activated navigation system for hands-free and step by step directions that are displayed onto the HUD screen.

Riders can even pair their smartphone to it and listen to music and take calls while wind zips by and they maneuver through streets and roads. Road warriors have a displayed speedometer so they can monitor how fast they’re moving and stay within safe limits.

EICMA in Milan and the Make It Right Campaign

On November 7th, 2018 SKULLY Technologies demoed their new AR smart helmet at EICMA in Milan. Demoing their helmet at the motorcycle show brought attention to European markets. It also created a positive buzz around the new company.

SKULLY Technologies, who doesn’t have any legal tie to the now extinct SKULLY, Inc., is helping out SKULLY, Inc. Indiegogo backers who didn’t receive helmets. Those who pre-ordered and contributed financial backing for the shuttered SKULLY AR-1 model didn’t get a helmet due to SKULLY, Inc. filing bankruptcy.

SKULLY Technologies sheds more light on the Make It Right Campaign, stating that, “Ivan and Rafael Contreras, successful serial entrepreneur cousins purchased the assets of Skully, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up which ceased operations in 2016 prior to fulfilling product orders.”

“Ivan brought in a leadership team with deep expertise in manufacturing and technology, named the company SKULLY Technologies, and in less than 18 months, re-engineered the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet and began shipping.”


Motorcyclists can get the FENIX AR helmet in sizes Small to XXXL for $1,899. The smart helmet has a SKULLY mobile companion app that is downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.