Sony is releasing two new PS VR bundles around the end of September. The good news here is that instead of the industry standard one game per pack, Sony decided to offer two games inside each bundle. Combined with other items, the newest Sony VR deals seem to lend a slight price drop. Just in time for the holidays.

If late for the VR gaming bandwagon, the fall looks like the right time to jump in. When it was first introduced, Sony VR headset eased the pockets for around $500 for the headset alone. A lot of PS VR bundles saw the Sun since, some like Skyrim bundle even selling for half that price for a time. Now Sony raises the stakes with the two late September early October additions to their VR bundle family. The similar price will now be worth one PS game more. The deals will be available in US and Canada only, with little mention about other countries.

Each of the two PS VR bundles will pack two games, one more than what we’ve come to expect. The first Sonly VR pack will include:

  • PS VR system
  • Creed: Rise to Glory
  • Superhot VR game voucher
  • PS Camera
  • Demo disc 2.0
  • A pair of PS Move Motion controllers

Similarly, the second PS VR bundle will pack:

  • PS VR System
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission disc
  • Moss game voucher
  • PS Camera
  • Demo Disc 2.0

The prices for each of these differ slightly. The Creed: Rise to Glory bundle will be sold for the $349 in the US, while the Astro Bot will start at the $299. The price difference is justified with the first pack sporting a pair of Move Motion controllers. The difference is not in the price only, but also the intended audience. Whereas the first bundle is geared towards regular gaming fans, the other is more of a family-friendly type. The strategy for game inclusion seems obvious enough. Both bundles feature an older hit to go with a brand new game. Both of the new releases present a refreshing addition to Sony’s now reasonably extensive VR supported titles list.

This new deal from Sony comes shortly after Microsoft announced that VR support for Xbox isn’t happening. The timing being so opportune might suggest that this move is perhaps reactionary in nature. Sony might be trying to gain some leverage from the recent Xbox pullout. Or it might be that whether Microsoft comes round or not is of little concern to the Japanese-based conglomerate. With over 300 titles available for PlayStation VR experience, Sony is currently enjoying a virtually uncontested market.

Sony is hoping to convince new VR converts and possibly advance the development of new PS VR games. It was reported that the company has sold over 3 million Virtual Reality systems. This is still a far cry from the 82 million PlayStation users, but the two game PS VR bundle pack sets out to close the gap a little further. There is little doubt that it will.