StarVR Unveils Advanced Virtual Reality Headset With Integrated Eye Tracking

    StarVR Unveils Advanced Virtual Reality Headset With Integrated Eye Tracking


    StarVR the leading market player in the premium virtual reality headsets genre, recently unveiled their next level VR headset that has shaken the market upside down. The next-gen virtual reality headset is designed and built to meet all the requirements and needs of the commercial and enterprise users.

    With the highly advanced optical axis, an integrated eye tracking feature, great rendering aspect of technology, industry-leading field-of-view and integration of VR in hardware and software ecosystem, the market space player have set a new high benchmark which seems hard to beat.

    The newly launched VR headset “StarVR One” has been incorporated with the unique mounted head screen and display offering a complete view of the content. It features a 201 degrees of horizontal view in support with 130 degrees vertical view of the field. This interface covers all natural vision space. The induced peripheral vision drives and flights stimulation and many more real-life experiences awaited for the user.

    The custom AMOLED displays of the headset provide the screens with roughly 16 million sub-pixels which can be refreshed with the rate of 90 frames in a second. This literally just brings every precision noticed by the eye. The RGB proportions add up with a certain pixel arrangement to ensure a professional standard color grade that determines to provide the user with the real experience. The color features when coupled with custom lenses, called the Fresnel lenses, offers a crystal-clear visual experience within the entire field-of-view.

    StarVR Unveils Advanced Virtual Reality Headset With Integrated Eye Tracking

    The StarVR smoothly adapted the Tobii’s technology of eye tracking. In addition to the eye tracking the VR headsets also include another technology that measures the Interpupillary distance and adjusts the view accordingly. It’s a great revolution as such high advancement lets the viewer focus on where the pupil follows. The technology results in pushing the high-resolution image to the eye and giving in each and every detail with maintaining the correct amount of peripheral detail of the content. This eye tracking technology just unleashed a new horizon and opened gates for various new commercial opportunities.

    The headsets are very comfortable and easy to wear. It merely weighs close to 450 grams and the headband attached with the VR set ensures the weight is distributed well in the head to ensure comfort and ease.

    The StarVR’s software development enabling kit is going to make it very easy for all developers to add or incorporate new content and change it accordingly. They can upgrade the existing features according to their needs ensuring the creator to gets a customized premium view field seamlessly. Developers are also provided with the liberty to maximize the output by making changes in the image quality and delivering the best performance.

    The new technology has various aspects we can’t overlook to be a technology revolution. StarVR One has been involved in various tie-ups with the market playing technological partners including great names like Epic Games, Intel, and NVIDIA.