SyncThink is a neurotechnology company that uses an FDA approved VR eye tracking program after head injuries and impact. Their new SyncThink Express program is rentable for use by colleges, professional athletics programs, and medical providers looking to gain analytics-based insight into ocular and brain injuries.

Life-Saving Eye Tracking VR Tech

SyncThink’s eye tracking program is available for short-term equipment rental for sites and programs that want access to potentially life and brain-saving VR technology. High impact sports like football, wrestling, rugby, lacrosse, water polo, and many others would benefit from using the SyncThink Express kit with injured athletes.

This month SyncThink announced that medical providers and clinical teams that contact their experts and rent their VR headset program will receive their kit overnight. Timeliness is vital for quickly and thoroughly assessing, treating, and monitoring athletes who’ve had an impact to the head in a game or during practice.

Getting SyncThink Express before its needed would not only be more convenient for staff treating athletes moments after head impact, it could also save lives. Once equipped, remote training and back up support is also available.

SyncThink Express Gives Evidence-Based Proof

Get objective data when the injury occurs! Credit to: SyncThink

Rent their eye tracking neurotechnology program at a weekly rate of $500. The kit can be returned and also reordered at a team’s convenience. Which is perfect for athletic budgets that want to save money in the offseason when practice and games aren’t occurring.

“We’re taking another novel approach to our technology’s portable capabilities while making it more affordable and accessible to the clinicians that want to use it post-injury,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. Previously, their program was a long-term rental but has changed along with the needs of teams and their athletes.

Driven athletes can be competitive. This makes it difficult to break news to them that they need to rest, take games or practices off, or have to sit out the entire season. The team’s CCO knows that data is proof and facts are what the athlete and their teams need to see for themselves.

It also helps them get treatment faster so they can recover and return to the game quickly. He says, “At the end of the day, we just want to help athletes get better, and we know how valuable it is to objectively prove to an injured athlete that their condition has resolved.”

Professional basketball players like the Golden State Warriors and collegiate teams at the University of Georgia are currently using SyncThink Express. Laura Yecies, CEO of SyncThink, and her team excitedly shares, “We are thrilled by the number of teams that have incorporated EYE-SYNC as a cornerstone of their head health protocol”.

The CEO is driven to help clinicians and athletes they work with and treat “a way for any team, mid-season, to leverage the objective metrics of SyncThink to provide the best possible care when faced with an injury.”

Where to Get SyncThink Express

The SyncThink Express Virtual Reality assessments impressively only take 60 seconds or less to do! Which helps coaches and their med teams keep athletes in the game or remove them for their own safety.

Get the SyncThink Express program by clicking on the link!

See how athletes can get brain-saving assessments with SyncThink Express in the video below!