Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, the film Halloween just celebrated its 11th film premiere (October 19th) in theaters. John Carpenter, the writer and director of the emblematic horror film, is also one of the writers for the graphic novel ‘Tales for a HalloweeNight’.

Fans that buy Volume 4 of the graphic horror novel’s limited run from 2018 NYCC or snag one from its website will be getting a horror-themed Augmented Reality (AR) variant cover!

A Very ScARy Experience!

Carpenter has penned scary stories for each of the four volumes of the ‘Tales for a HalloweeNight’. What makes this volume the scariest one yet is the AR cover. VRScout reported that fans who purchased a limited run of the comic at 2018 NYCC were the first to see the spooky cover.

If you weren’t at NYCC and are unafraid of the dark, buying the graphic horror novel signed for $35 and unsigned for $25 from Storm King Comics is a great trick or treat yourself gift! Seeing the haunting AR experience on a blustery fall night is an additional treat that is only revealed with iOS and Android devices.

Once bought, fans download the Storm King Productions application and see a spine-chilling moving AR image by ARFirm and Cat Staggs appear on your device. It’s like bringing the monsters and nightmares from the comic into your home! We won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Thrills Await You!

Tales for a HalloweeNight Volume 4. Credit to: Storm King Comics

After you enjoy the AR treat you can get cozy turning on all the lights (or off), lock the doors and close the curtains, and then read Volume 4 of ‘Tales for a HalloweeNight’. Watching the AR experience is a great warm-up for the real adventure in thrill and chills that awaits.

The Storm King Comics site shares that Volume 4 has tales written by: John Carpenter, Sandy King, David J. Schow, Duane Swierczynski, Tim Bradstreet, Cat Staggs, Amanda Deibert, Jaime Carrillo, Elena Carrillo, Steve Niles, Nick Percival, Greg Scott, Felipe Sobreiro, Joe Harris, Megan Hutchison, Dennis Calero, Renae DeLiz, Ray Dillon, Frank Tieri, Jason Felix & Janice Chiang.

VRScout spoke with Sandy King, President of Storm King Productions, film producer of famous horror flicks, and wife of John Carpenter. She explains why the company chose to use AR experiences for the cover.

King says, “ I didn’t want to overdo variants and milk the fans or even retail on doing too many covers, so we only did one variant cover for the 2018 NYCC exclusive, which was created by artist Cat Staggs.”

Collectors won’t have to buy multiple covers for the various art variants with ‘Tales for a HalloweeNight’ Volume 4. Instead, “That’s where the collectors are, and I wanted to do something special for them. So instead of 10 covers, we used AR to give collectors more.”

Fan’s of John Carpenter get a musical treat by the master of horror himself. Sandy King confirmed that “John’s music is scored into the AR experience as well. He’s watching the cover come to life and then creating music as he hears it in his head, so we made it this whole collaborative adventure.”

Watch the terrifying trailer!