TechCrunch and UCLA’s The Anderson Venture Accelerator are hosting TC Sessions AR/VR 2018 conference in Los Angeles on October 18th. VR and AR supporters, leading industry experts, and start-up innovators will have a full day of networking, sharing ideas, and discussing the present and future trends of virtual and augmented realities.

Keeping Up on Who and What’s Shaping The Industry

Catherine Ulrich TechCrunch Sessions
Watch speakers like Catherine Ulrich from First Mark discuss AR and VR. Credit to: TechCrunch

UCLA’s Royce Hall will be packed with visitors, live discussions, and of course, demos that are redefining the landscape of AR and VR technology. TechCrunch recently hosted sessions about robotics and blockchain and is now shifting focus to what’s driving the VR and AR industries.

In October, TC will host talks about the future of social VR, the current state of AR/VR funding opportunities, what it needs for peripheral sales to increase, and other topics concerning AR and VR.

Don’t miss out on these industry shaping talks! Readers invested in augmented reality must carve out time for talks on the present and future potential of augmented reality. Listen to experts who are growing AR adoption with consumer affordable hardware, building inclusive and informative spaces for users, developers, and studios to thrive in, and more.

Speakers leading these discussions will come from both AR and VR industries. Speakers attending are Yelena Rachitsky from Oculus, Parham Aarabi from ModiFace, Adam Arrigo from TheWaveVR, Sophia Dominguez from SVRF, and Gil Baron from Mindshow.

Don’t miss sessions from Maureen Fan of Baobab Studios, Nathan Burba and James Iliff from Survios, Cyan Banister from Founders Fund, and other thought leaders. For even more information, check TechCrunch for speaker announcements as the conference gets closer.

Cross-Industry Communication

With the creation and evolution of augmented reality glasses and virtual reality headsets, mobile phone image overlays, virtual training, gaming, and marketing application concepts, and new uses being imagined daily, cross-industry comradery is what the industries need to stay on top.

TC Sessions one-day event keeps both branches of AR and VR up-to-date with what’s challenging them and what’s pushing them forward, which is important to the local and worldwide success of the tech. TechCrunch Writer, Lucas Matney, shares that, “The world’s top tech companies have heavily invested in AR/VR and are persistent in broadcasting the technologies’ potential to blur the lines of how consumers interact with the digital world.”

The tech community as a whole is looking to the successes and failures of startups to help them think about and take away lessons that will affect consumer buy-in, with Matney affirming, “Beyond the tech titans, it’s the small startups that are dialing into what’s missing in the ecosystem right now. Our agenda showcases some of the powerhouses in the space, but also plenty of smaller teams that are building and debunking fundamental technologies for virtual worlds.”

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