One of the best things to come out from the VR craze is the host of smaller companies doing amazing things. We have seen VR movies and been immersed in similar games, but have we read VR books?

That’s precisely the question that got Quantum Storey going. Founded in 2013 by a writer, the company seeks to blend the two worlds in the most fulfilling manner. It is, as far as we know, the first AR/VR book company out there. Their latest product is a collaborative effort with Sony Pictures, bringing the joy of summer hit Hotel Transylvania 3 to Augmented/Virtual Reality platform.

In many ways it is the fulfillment of a child’s most outspoken dream. Owners of Hotel Transylvania VR book can interact with characters they fall in love with. Following the movie’s plotline bent, readers can enjoy their vacation hanging out with their favorite characters, albeit virtual one. The product not only features the characters, but provides activities to be interactively enjoyed by inquisitive children.

The Hotel Transylvania VR book is the official part of the movie Universe. It is an extension, and as such fully supported by Sony and its entertainment machinery. ‘With this new product platform, consumers now have the ability to ‘step inside’ and interact with scenes from the film for a deeper, immersive 360 VR experience’ concludes Pete Wood from Sony Pictures. In effect, the new product stands you toe to toe to favorite Hotel Transylvania 3 movie characters.

Issued as an AR/VR booklet, Hotel Transylvania VR book takes the immersive in entertainment-based VR to a new level. The booklet runs on Quantum Storey patented VR Studio, whose potential stretches far beyond Dracula’s reach. The VR Studio can enliven any recorded experience by putting you right in the middle of action. Any action. The technology uses smartphone AR and, with makeshift VR headsets, turns the experience Virtual. Be it stepping into the shoes of favorite superhero or running a basketball game court-side, Quantum Storey platform isn’t too picky and lets users create unique VR experiences.

The New Hotel Transylvania VR Book is Out!Let’s hang with Drac and the crew for a minute longer though. ‘We are incredibly excited to be working side-by-side with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to launch this new consumer product’ says J.M Haines, the Chair at Quantum Storey. And how wouldn’t they be, given the opportunity to run the mill and showcase VR Studio potential. Co-founded by Haines, the aforementioned writer, the company aims to build the bridge between learning and high-tech interactive fun. In five years’ time she has managed to build the brand of the first VR Book Company. Much to do with this is the Operation YOU series. It is the platform that lets users go beyond reading and step inside a book.

‘What if you were able to learn key facts about a Stegosaurus while standing next to one’, reads the Quantum Storey company site. What if? What if we are witnessing the new form here, a vigorous blend of fiction and the fictional? Hotel Transylvania VR book is out now, and so is the new idea.